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Welcome to the PPL Fan Forum!

Postby admin » Fri Feb 18, 2005 12:25 pm

Welcome to the PPL Fan Forum!

We customized the latest version of the many featured and easy to use phpBB for the PPL community.

Here's one to start you off:

"The bands longevity is a testament of the timelessness of their music."

Talk amongst yourselves. Enjoy!
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Postby Tom » Sun Feb 20, 2005 11:25 am

You don' t need a message board to verify this band's legacy !!! One of the all time great bands, true legends, their music has never left us and never will !! Let's hope that the website and message board, along with the tour schedule is a concrete sign that the new CD Mike has mentioned for a few years will soon become a realty ! Craig has some terrific new songs--no surprise there- and it's time a new chapter was added to PPL's incredible legacy. PPL and the extremely talented musicians who carried the banner for over 30 years has proven to be a band for the ages, truly all ages. Prairiedogs, welcome aboard !
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Postby racerbob69 » Wed Feb 23, 2005 10:23 am

Tom Great post you hit the message about this great band right on the head. Im 59 years old and have been a music fan of all types forever. Pure Prairie League is one of my all time favorite bands. They were years ahead of the great music that became country rock. There wouldnt have been an Alabama or others without PPL influencing the muisc. My favorite album is the 2 lp live album Live Takin The Stage. I just had it transfered to a cd set. I like the older recording with the pedel steel guitar better but enjoyed the new ones with Vince Gill too. But the original members were the best. Who is in the touring group that playing in 2005 ? I might be able to catch them in Michigan or Cincinnati. Thanks Bob
Im a 59 year old handicapped person. Interest are auto racing, I was a writer-photographer I like all sports and all types of music. Big Pure Prairie League fan. My favorite album is the double LP Live takin the stage. Great live album.
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Postby hiro » Sun Oct 19, 2008 8:11 am

Hi Tom,

You're using phpBB2 as forums. Now phpBB released ver.3.
Today I successfully converted my dead forum from ver.2 to 3. It's very powerful with many great admin tools and features. I recommend this forum to be upgraded. It's easy to convert from 2 to 3.
Make sure you back up before convert. And it's better to install new forum on other URL as a test drive.

You may have a headache for register spammers and comment spammers, new phpbb is very easy to manage them.

Still I have few things to do but it looks like this.
my new one: http://www.freebirdradio.com/forum/
old one: http://www.freebirdradio.com/hiro/phpforums/

Freebird Radio is servin' you the Best Classic Rock, 24 hours a day!
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