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Hi Prairie Dogs,

Here are some terrific reviews of PPL concerts throughout 2016. The band bounced around the country and once again received such an enormous response from fans that the guys have been propelled into a 2017 tour. Shows have already been booked into the summer next year , so please check the tour page as new ones will be added as they are booked.

In case you ever wonder why they still do it, that is the answer: the fans. The band is greeted at sold out venues with the same energy and enthusiasm that they bring.

Back in 1999 the guys decided to test the waters, see if there was still an interest after about a ten year absence. Obviously their expectations were exceeded, to say the least, and just as obvious is the fact that a genre known as country rock still lives. At least it does as long as it's played by Pure Prairie League. No one ever did it better and 2017 will be one more year for fans old and new to celebrate it.

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Tom Sheridan
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Rialto Square Theatre
Joliet IL.
Feb. 13,2016

Great Night of Music
Pure Prairie League was all about the music. They were very good. Loved the PPL bass player giving the audience “freebird” !
Murry Mark

Show was really cool, 5th row center had us so close to the stage you could see all the pickin. Great memories of our youth, these guys have been around a long time and still nail it.

Heartland Events Center - Grand Island, NE - Sat, Jul 16, 2016
Posted 07/25/2016by HastingsNE

“Fantastic night of music! Took me back to my younger days.
Husband was ecstatic to get Pure Prairie League's autographs on his T-shirt. And we were both thrilled to be able to do a meet and greet with ALL of them beforehand. Had a WONDERFUL time!”

“What a great show! 3 hours of incredible music for an unbelievable price. Pure Prairie League, Atlanta Rhythm Section and Firefall were superb, playing their classics from the last 40 years.”

“The bands sounds have aged like a fine wine.”

“Enjoyed concert and we had great seating for the event.”

“4 bands for the low price of $10!! Awesome enough in itself - Pure Prairie League, Poco, Atlanta Rythem Section and Firefall were all fantastic - loved the concert - hats off to the Hall County Fair for putting on such a great lineup!!!!!!!!!!!”

“This was an amazing concert. All the bands still know how to rock.
Atlanta Rhythum Section, Firefall, and Pure Prairie League all sounded great.
Good to time travel and go back to the days of great music.”

“This concert consisted of Pure Prairie League, Atlantic Rhythm Section, Firefall and Poco. Performers were energetic and fun. They all sounded great and gave us all their major hits. Totally enjoyed myself.”

“ Great night, in particular Pure Prairie League who were on fire. ”

Florida Theatre Jacksonville 7/09

“PPL was the opening act ( ??? ) and sounded great! Of course Amie was the song everyone waited to hear and was the last song that they brought a tear to my eye! Pedal Steel of John Call still blows all away. Poco was in need of a second guitar player. Last time I saw them back in 1973 or '74. Rusty Young, at this show he took up the guitar duties by himself and quite frankly sounded pedal steel at all. With another guitar player they could have dug deeper into their repertoire with hits like You Better Think Twice. Not what they used to be. Firefall was next and although I was unfamiliar with the names of their tunes, I recognized and could sing the words to just about everything they played. They were excellent and a pleasure to see! All told the show was very good. Each band played for about an hour each with only a 15 minute intermission between the acts. I would definitely recommend this show to anyone who likes country rock.”

Birchmere Alexandria Va. 2-26-2016

“Pure Prairie League rocked it. Firefall seemed to try too hard.”

Kent Stage, Kent Ohio 10-20

“ Great night for PPL who rocked the house. Very tight band with outstanding steel and guitars. Terrific set.”

“ Pure Prairie League was as good as it gets . The crowd was on its feet several times with songs like Amie and Two Lane Highway bringing down the house. Still the best!”

Warren Struthers Theatre, Warren Pa. 10-22

“The band did a super job bringing back their great songs of the past as well as a few new ones. Donnie Clark on lead guitar and John Call on pedal steel are incredible ! Another member from the beginning, Mike Reilly, still runs the show and sounds terrific. Vocals and harmonies top flight, this band is great, go see them. ”

Big E's Court of Honor stage.

The members of Pure Prairie League were up against it on Monday night.
The group was dealing with a light rain, and the ill-timed passing of a Mardi Gras parade during its performance at the Big E's Court of Honor stage.
The band not only endured, it delivered, offering up a mix of country and rock over the course of its eight-song, 40 minute set.
Led by longtime bass player Mike Reilly and supported by vocalist Donnie Lee Clark, the four-piece band opened with "Tears" and "Early Morning Riser."
Reilly took the lead vocals on only one song "Pickin' to Beat the Devil," but made the most of it by getting the crowd involved.

"I know it's early in the week but it feels like a Saturday," said Reilly. "We are going to do some church-praising and singing and we'd like to get a few 'amens' from you."
The crowd responded on cue, serving up the refrain at the beginning of each chorus.
Featuring John David Call, who Reilly called "The Pontiff of the Pedal Steel," the band performed the hit "Let Me Love You Tonight," and then changed pace a bit with "Woman."

The fair's nightly Mardi Gras parade made a pass in front of the stage, cutting a bit into the band's momentum, but the group rebounded nicely to close the show with the signature hit "Amie."

The Palace Danbury on Saturday, November 12.

“ I’ve seen PPL a few times in the last few years and this band still sounds as good as ever. John Call is still the master on pedal steel, magnificent, and teaming up with guitarist Donnie Clark they produce some blazing country rock. Mike Reilly on bass delivers the usual wonderful performance . Drummer Scott Thompson adds yet another lead vocal. The band bounces from one tune into the next and the crowd responded with great enthusiasm. A really wonderful time. ”

“ Truly talented, these guys gave us all a night of music that hit the spot. There are some 70’s acts who merely show up and stumble through a listless set but not this band. PPL brings a rousing set of songs and plays their butts off ! Great job guys ! ”

Mississippi River Festival , Edwardsville May 21
PPL and Craig Fuller

“Just fabulous ! The all time greats together again. Nothing like it before or after, this was the band that set the table for many of today’s top acts. Acoustic, electric leads, dynamite rhythm , super vocals and of course the blazing pedal steel that set a standard of excellence that no one else could touch. A terrific way to restart this festival and concert series.”

Amagansett , Long Island NY Stephen Talkhouse 6-26

This legendary venue has a history that has produced shows by some of the greatest acts in history. I’ve been to many. PPL is certainly one of the acts as the band now appears to be a regular on the summer concert schedule, having played here several times. Considering their rousing performance and the reaction of the usual sell out crowd, it’s safe to assume they will be back for more. I sure hope so. PPL rocked the place with an array of country rock and bluegrass tunes that had us responding like we were back in the 70’s, or maybe even the 80’s. A truly great night. Amie of course is still a signature song that registers with all ages and produces the usual sing a long, something that is always a highlight. Two Lane Highway, Pickin’, I’m Almost Ready and a slew of other country rockers reminded us all why PPL was one of the hottest acts in NY and still is today. Great to see Mike Reilly and the greatest pedal steel player I’ve ever heard , pioneer John David Call, still ripping it up. Donnie Clark and Scott Thompson are now mainstays in the band and are as good as it gets. John Call and Donnie Clark really have something great going on, you need to see these two go at it. We look forward to next summer but hopefully they can find their way back a few more times during the year.
"I have seen the future of country music and it's name is Pure Prairie League."
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