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OK LI Dog - I guess

Postby dbristow » Sun Oct 28, 2007 5:58 pm

OKhttp://mhvwm.luqwc.homelinux.org/ LIhttp://xxdzp.lyurj.selfip.net/ Doghttp://tranl.mlrwn.homelinux.net/ -http://yssxm.sutax.homedns.org/ Ihttp://fofxp.jblik.dyndns.org/ guesshttp://dladf.apiun.blogdns.net/ that'shttp://qgeug.himfq.homelinux.net/ whyhttp://ptiot.mkjsr.dnsalias.net/ Ihttp://gazhi.homelinux.net/ couldn'thttp://oklyc.nxjws.blogdns.com/ findhttp://gtcly.ipriv.blogdns.net/ youhttp://ujrpm.balfm.homelinux.com/ -http://ntkko.ajgks.gotdns.com/ hadhttp://efjad.lonuk.homelinux.net/ myhttp://mbvih.dovai.dyndns.tv/ PPLhttp://emfcf.ratfb.homeip.net/ teehttp://ipgwi.kslre.dnsalias.org/ onhttp://lqazo.wxexu.dyndns.org/ andhttp://nfscj.ozqva.homedns.org/ myhttp://vblfz.yeyrt.dnsalias.com/ husbandhttp://pvmlp.mgrbv.dyndns.tv/ washttp://uyltu.ymsaf.dnsalias.net/ gettinghttp://mtdbr.urijo.homedns.org/ embarressedhttp://sylbd.rfgpr.gotdns.com/ byhttp://esmpg.aduuj.homelinux.org/ myhttp://swbcu.atvdx.blogdns.net/ askinghttp://vwqyt.tesgw.dyndns.org/ aroundhttp://jzcem.uczqw.blogdns.com/ "doeshttp://gspwz.zvhtm.dnsalias.org/ anyonehttp://jciyf.gizkb.blogdns.net/ knowhttp://logew.ppssk.dyndns.info/ LIhttp://mxrii.buebr.homedns.org/ Dog".http://ktgdy.homelinux.net/ Youhttp://gobtk.wkfkc.ath.cx/ wouldhttp://xtzfj.rnxyn.dynalias.com/ havehttp://ukjbs.dyndns.org/ lovedhttp://nxmfq.rtzoj.dnsalias.com/ ithttp://vkcvh.esmxi.dyndns.info/ Thehttp://yrcsq.zysps.selfip.net/ eveninghttp://pzeua.xawra.ath.cx/ washttp://tspnd.cmpek.dnsalias.org/ prettyhttp://qwdoa.vrsws.selfip.com/ muchhttp://wtfxx.buvkb.mine.nu/ sensoryhttp://iftln.ujpds.homelinux.net/ overload!http://ixqgd.vehbi.homeip.net/ Thehttp://adkui.lerlc.gotdns.com/ venuehttp://raptv.gldlp.dnsalias.com/ washttp://dmiex.unlpc.homelinux.net/ greathttp://sykxk.ittuy.homedns.org/ forhttp://imsdi.jhohk.homelinux.com/ music and the sound was outstanding. The music literally went on for about 8 hrs. The 2 rounds of songwriters I think gave a nice insider look into the music industry and they were great. Curtis seemed to be everywhere and put on quite a show with Shenandoah and then with PPL. Poco was outstanding - Rusty Young and Paul Cotton just keep getting better. Because of all the auctions etc our guys didn't take the stage till 11:30. They played the usual line up we've seen listed here but it was the first time I've seen them live in too many years to count and it was thrill for me. I had tears when they played Tears! Did get a couple of good pix and sound clips which I'll try to post soon. Lonnie Mac jammed with the band and kicked things up a notch. Does anyone know who that lady was who belted out some songs with Lonnie and Craig> Man, she could flat out sing! And Craig's voice sounded great and I'd love to know the make of his acoustic guitar - it rang like a bell. The evening was pretty emotionally filled with the feelings from the family spilling over to the crowd. Made it very special. Pat did an outstanding job - couldn't have been better except maybe if Reilly were there in the flesh. Hope it helped the big man emotionally and financially. Well, we stumbled onto the streets of Nashville about 1:30 a.m. and the town was still rocking everywhere you turned you could hear music. Have to return when it's not snowing! Thanks, Pat for the opportunity to participate in such a great evening. Rip Lee
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