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Post the chords and lyrics to your favorite PPL songs.

Postby veetel » Wed Oct 31, 2007 3:46 pm

That's it. I'm parkin' my Tak EF341SC and my vintage American 70s Strat and gettin' me an Esteban with Elixirs. Think a Benjamin should cover it. I can see it now. Esteban amps. Esteban effects pedals. Esteban PA systems. Esteban sound boards and mixers. Even Esteban microphones. Chics dig Esteban!
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Prairie Mama wrote...

Postby Dan Williams III » Wed Nov 07, 2007 12:54 pm

"It was a 1963 Martin D-21. It was stolen a few years after the song was recorded, and Craig is still looking to replace it."

Has Craig found a replacement yet?
Could this be the original?

That one really is a beauty!
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Postby Tom » Wed Nov 21, 2007 11:47 am

Hi guys,

That's a piece of work alright !

I don't know if Craig ever found a replacement, but he can check with his buddy below, maybe he can get something on the Home Shopping Network. It looks like Mr. Fuller may have a guest on his solo CD after all.

All the best,
Tom Sheridan

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Tom's Right ! it's Esteban

Postby Dr. Photo » Thu Nov 22, 2007 7:42 am


Craig can play any tune on any guitar and it sound great!

At most of the PPL Shows it seems Craig's changes up all his guitars.

in Bayshore at the Boulton center it was a Takamine.

As Tom has stated in many posts :

Craigs ORIGINAL ACOUSTIC WAS STOLEN !! Yes the one he wrote Amie and many other Classics with.

No he has not replaced it yet. He now doesn't let his Guitar out of site.

He is the best singer song writer and should have gotten an AMA or a CMA Already !!!

All the Best.

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Postby Tom » Thu Dec 06, 2007 9:04 am

Hi Dave,

I couldn't agree more re: Craig's guitar playing, I'm glad you mentioned it ! As I've said before, so many people go crazy over his songwriting and singing, incredibly, sometimes what he can do on any type guitar gets overlooked.

I especially enjoy that he plays both acoustic and electric at concerts, it's a chance to see up close just what he can do. I know he has what he's called " hard and fast rules" as to exactly what country rock should be and certainly it includes a blend of acoustic and electric.

That whole individual award process has escaped him for a variety of reasons, but as a band PPL must be content with several multiplatinum and gold records in their catalogue. Craig has garnered so many BMI awards for radio airplay he could wallpaper his home wih them. Not a bad idea now that I give it more thought.

John David Call once told me a great story. He went over to Craig's house. When he got there, Craig was out front , strumming a 12 string Rickenbacher and singing a song. John said " It was one of the most beautiful things I heard ever heard" He asked Craig what it was. " Nothing , it's something I just started fooling around with." The two then ran off for the day. I asked "So what happened to the song John?" " I never heard it again, Craig did so many things like that, it was unbelievable ! "

Dave, you remind me of a story when you brought up the stolen guitar. You and many others on this site ( LIDog, Vice Admiral etc) are musicians and you know what pride and care musicians take in their instruments. Years back, before this site came up, someone had a guitar case on sale on ebay. It was stamped Pure Prairie League, and had the look of travel on it. The guy wrote, " PPL guitar case, left behind after a concert. Who owned this case ? Maybe Craig Fuller, maybe Vince Gill ? "

Now, can you imagine one of the band members, or a roadie, throwing their guitar into the back of a van, without a case ? I wrote to the guy and asked him, " If you want to pinpoint the person who owned the case in your ad, and get some more action , why not just say who you stole it from? " I didn't get a response.

Have a good one,
Tom Sheridan
"I have seen the future of country music and it's name is Pure Prairie League."
Nostradamus 1555
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