Blast From the Past for Craig

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Blast From the Past for Craig

Postby Chris Gray » Tue Jan 03, 2006 12:03 pm

Greetings old friend,

As I began 2006 and picked up my guitar, for some reason Jazzman was playing in my head, it made me think of you.

So many years have passed since you finished your conscientious objector stint and I worked for RCA , still sometimes I think about those days. Not only have many years passed, but much has happened, for both of us.

After radio and records I went back to school and now have several university degrees, primarily in technology, but one in graphic arts. I'm slowly working on the PhD., but don't know for sure if I'll really finish it.

These days I am a Senior Technology Strategist for a major US banking concern. I am bi-located in that I have homes in Richmond Virginia and Virginia Beach. Life is good, my health is good, been with the same lady for 25 years now, and even my recent trip to Columbus for the annual Christmas visit was good.

If you have a chance to let me know how you are it would be great.

Chris Gray

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