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Postby Tom » Mon Mar 13, 2017 10:15 am

Hi Prairie Dogs,

Here are some real nice comments on PPL's recent 3 night stand in Utah.The fact that PPL can still be booked for 3 night stands in 2017 is not only a testament to an incredible legacy but an extraordinary accomplishment for John Call, Mike Reilly, Donnie Lee Clark and Scott Thompson. These guys do far more than keep the music alive. They work hard at keeping their set list fresh, rehearsing and bringing in tunes from all PPL releases while still managing to please fans who caught on to PPL in their various phases. Whether it's the earliest years with Craig Fuller or the Two Lane Highway line up that followed and reached the pinnacle of country rock or the releases featuring a then unknown Vince Gill, there is something for every fan, including a few tunes yet to be released.

All the best,

Tom Sheridan
Floral Park, NY

PPL put on a show which more than validates their presence in 2017. It’s a dynamic show filled with excitement and enthusiasm. The crowd was crazy for them and if you see them you can understand why they are selling this place out three straight nights. I’m happy to say I am here for two of them, previous plans on night three, but I will take two for these guys. Awesome musicians, and the best pedal steel player ever , John Call , is still blazing away. What a special unexpected treat all these years later. Terrific set list, Amie, Two Lane Highway, Flat Tire Merle, all the tunes we loved. A most enjoyable and riveting performance.

George Harrelson
"I have seen the future of country music and it's name is Pure Prairie League."
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