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Tom Sheridan
Floral Park, NY

Springfield IL
July 2015

“Headliners Pure Prairie League capped off a night of blissful music with a roaring throw back to the good old days with a generous supply of their songs from the 70’s and 80’s. Who doesn’t know Amie ? PPL was a major influence to the country stars today and still puts on a top flight show. Real nice vocals, GREAT musicianship. ”

Pure Prairie League: country rock at it's best
Florida Theatre Jacksonville

“Pure Prairie has a sound that defines country rock: red hot lead guitar mixed with the rip roaring pedal steel of the incomparable John David Call. Call is a picture of concentration doing things on steel no one else can and making it look effortless. He takes center stage where he belongs, just like he's done several times at The Grand Old Opry. Magnificent.”

“Harmonies were outstanding with three lead singers who could sing lead in any band. The superb musicianship of all four members gives the band a very tight and energetic sound. The sound of PPL has always been unique since their first LP and I'm happy to say they still stick to what works.”

“This quartet has it all. I have seen them several times and each time they have a few surprises in their set . These guys don't mail it in, they mix up their sets each show, nice effort, real pro's . Great stuff from a terrific group.”

Favorite moment: PPL's Amie with the entire crowd sing a long, Call's phenomenal steel and interaction with lead guitar.

“We really enjoyed the show!”
“It was a nice to spend the evening with my best friend and recall the "old days"! ”

Lyell B Clay Concert Theatre
- Morgantown , WV
- Fri, Apr 24, 2015

“PPL brought great memories from old standards.”

“Great night of fun and music”

Bergen Performing Arts Center
- Englewood , NJ
- Fri, Apr 10, 2015

“It's been along time since I saw three bands on a bill.
Fillmore East always had three bands.
Big surprise was PPL opening up the show.
Turns out they had to hurry off after the show.
They were very good. John David Call, the pedal steel guitarist was outstanding.”
Favorite moment: Two Lane Highway by PPL

“Let me first say that Pure Prairie League and Firefall were very good! Thank god for them.”
“I can not say the same for Atlanta Rhythm Section. It was virtually unbearable.”

“Pure Prairie League & Fire Fall were AWESOME!!!”

“Had the best time seeing these two bands! They sounded great! Did a great job and were so kind, friendly & courteous to their fans! It was just amazing! I would see them again and again. Truly loved every minute!
Favorite moment: Meeting them after the show and getting my original album covers signed!”

“Pure Prairie League...Still amazing!!!”

“Pure Prairie League and Firefall were amazing. They sounded great just like the old days and were so nice after their sets. They came out and took pics with everyone. Atlanta Rhythm Section weren't as good. ”
Favorite moment: Aimee and Two Lane Highway

Grand Ole Opry, Nashville
March 2015

“Nice to see PPL grace the Opry stage once again ! These guys continue to amaze. Real crowd pleasers, the band never fails to impress with their straight forward, country rock approach, something that PPL led the way with back in the day. ”

“All these years later Pure Prairie League can still play with the best of Nashville. The music stands tall.”

City Winery , Nashville
March 2015

“The band and fans had a great night . A super set list hitting songs from all their top albums from some pro’s who had as much fun as we did. Gary Burr, a Nashville Hall Of Famer and former PPL’er joined the band in what was a terrific reunion. The City Winery rocked with the Prairie! ”
"I have seen the future of country music and it's name is Pure Prairie League."
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