Tarrytown, NY

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Tarrytown, NY

Postby Tom » Wed Sep 11, 2013 4:14 pm

Another missed opportunity fro me but sounds like it went great as usual. Another venue that keeps bringing back PPL.

This is from an email I got from an old friend who I contacted to let him know about the show. A real nice response from him that I'll share.

Tarrytown NY

Hey Tom,

Thanks so much for the heads up on the show. It could only have been better if you were there with us, next time hopefully. You are right on target with your thoughts: these guys bring back the glory years we celebrated in the 70’s with the Two Lane Highway lineup ! Call is still a monster on steel, no can touch him all these years later. Reilly still makes it all happen and sounds great, his enthusiasm still contagious. Yes, Donnie Clark is a guitar hero , a huge talent with a terrific voice. Shades of the old days with the Lizard and John David. Now we have a singing drummer in Scott who adds lead vocals and harmonies to give this band another dimension. Unbelievable set, they hit all the bases, not an easy thing with their catalogue. They rocked the place and this version of PPL is everything you described and more. The excitement we had at all those shows years ago is still there today.

Thanks again for dropping us a line for what turned out to be a wonderful time. Be well and crank it up a few notches !

Rick and Karen
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