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"LEAN AND MUSCULAR..." (Newark show)

PostPosted: Mon Oct 29, 2012 3:17 pm
by Doug
"LEAN AND MUSCULAR" were the words Mike offered up to describe the League's new sound. "After Craig retired, we auditioned some Nashville A-listers and they couldn't keep up with us!" After their smoking hot performance that night in Newark, Ohio, I'd have to say I'm not totally surprised. I will admit I and my brother (an even longer-time fan than I) had our reservations, never having seen the League perform with less than 5 musicians. We've had the blessing to see the League with George Ed Powell, and/or Craig and others every show we've seen since the reformation back in the 90's. So the thought was will the four piece ensemble sound a little sparse? I am joyed to report this was not the case whatsoever. As Mike crowed, "LEAN and MUSCULAR" says it all. With John David Call front and center, trading licks all night long with Donnie Lee, the boys DO NOT NEED any help. JD is performing some of his best stuff of his career, Donnie Lee is off the chain and not holding back, the League has an albeit new but nonetheless hot new sound, and this just begs for new, fresh material. So I asked Donnie Lee whether there was any truth to the rumour that there was a new album in the works. I am ecstatic to report he said "Yes, we're looking at songs now!". That's a studio album, folks! OH, YEAH!! That still leaves the door open for an all-star live album down the road before Mike and JD retire. So all is good in Prairie Dog land, and the boys will be around for some time to come! :D