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PPL St. Peter's Celebration: "blazing"

PostPosted: Thu Sep 20, 2012 2:06 pm
by Tom
Hey prairiedogs,

Here's some real nice feedback from the St Peter's MO celebration last weekend found on the KSHE95 website. Sure sounds like they killed it again!

Martin Rowe

All I can say is after a wonderful celebration at the park, Pure Prairie League was the perfect way to close out the festivities, an awesome performance ! They closed the night out , and these guys provided more fireworks in their set than the fireworks which preceeded them. Their guitars and monster pedal steel playing roared through the park as PPL lit up the place. The park was filled all day to capacity and it seemed like everyone stayed to hear PPL who gift wrapped the night with a blazing concert and some real fine singing from the fans too ! Thanks guys for a performance that will long be remembered.