Another BB King concert review

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Another BB King concert review

Postby Tom » Mon Aug 13, 2012 10:10 pm

Hi prairiedogs,

Here's another terrific review of the show. I mentioned in my review that I met someone who had seen tha band a few days before this show on Long Island and this review sure sounds like it's from him.

All the best,

Spectacular !
B.B. Kings - New York - 07/22/2012
Favorite moment: Pedal Steel ! Lead Guitar ! Unbeatable
Setlist: Here's a few: Amie, Two Lane Highway , Angel, Early Morning Riser, MiseryTrain, I'm Almost Ready, I Sure Do Miss You Now, Harvest, Let Me Love You Tonight, Flat Tire Merle, Pickin' To Beat The Devil, I'll Be Damned and others
Posted 07/25/2012by MrHowdy

After attending a PPL show on Long Island a few days before, I was so impressed I headed into NYC for more. This group excels in any way you can think of: Musicianship, lead vocals, harmonies as well as a very friendly stage presence. This nights show confirmed what I knew from Long Island: these guys can do anything, and it's iimmensely entertaining. Their performance featured a spectacular array of sounds and style, pure perfection from some very seasoned pro's. John David Call on pedal steel guitar is mind blowing ,his double and triple notes with blazing speed and clarity. His melodies are so creative, so eloquent, you just marvel at his skill. I've been around the block a few times over the years at these things, and I've neven seen or heard better steel guitar than what Mr. Call gives without breaking a sweat ! No one ever did it better. Donnie Clark is a monster lead gutarist who plays off Call's steel incredibly well, it's absolutely riveting. He also has a great voice on many tunes in the show. He's a star , a big time talent. Mike Reilly works the crowd so well, keeps the show moving while adding a terrific bass line to go along with his superb vocals. He's the consummate performer. Scott Thompson on the tubs a yet another who excelled all night long, and he too has some great lead vocals. It's no surprise the harmonies are beautiful and unique. I'll take this show any day, any time. It's too bad the venue wanted to shut a bit early on a Sunday night because PPL stated they had more to give, but were given a strict time constraint. However, these guys rip from one song into the next several times during the show, another major plus from them, so we were still given a very decent amount of tunes. Even though the venue was doing their best to disperse the fans the guys in the band still came out and met and signed anything the fans wanted by the stage. A very high energy level from a tight solid group of pro's who know how to get it done the right way. Country rock never sounded so good. Let's keep this thing going guys.
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