PPL at The Grand Ole Opry : "stunning musicianship"

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PPL at The Grand Ole Opry : "stunning musicianship"

Postby Tom » Fri Jul 20, 2012 12:41 pm

Hey fans,

PPL recently hit the Grand Ole Opry on two consecutive nights and the band showed a very enthusiastic audience what country rock was, and still is, all about. A major influence since it's inception, many of today's starts continue to cite the band as an influence.

Here's a few comments from an Opry site:

Grand Ole Opry 7/6 & 7/7

Pure Prairie League put on an incredible show, really lit the Opry up ! This band can still play with anyone out there today, and their pedal steel player is out of this world. Very strong vocals, with a lead guitarist that was on fire. Hot, hot show from one of the all time great bands.

Gary Marksfield

PPL at the Opry was a blast ! Stunning musicianship from an extremely tight group of pro's, this band is highly recommended. John Call on pedal steel is mesmerizing, an incredible performer who is still second to none. Donnie Clark's blazing guitar, which combines magnificently with Call's steel, is something you have to witness live, there is nothing out there today that is comparable when these two get it going.His vocals are superb,a great lead singer and very gifted performer. Mike Reilly still has the same huge presence as always, with some terrific bass lines to go with his gifted vocals as well as stage persona. A very impresssive job by PPL who certainly were the show stoppers of the night. The Opry needs to get these guys back soon !

Hank Parker
"I have seen the future of country music and it's name is Pure Prairie League."
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Re: PPL at The Grand Ole Opry : "stunning musicianship"

Postby Voiceman » Fri Aug 10, 2012 3:34 pm

The previous comments are nothing short of the truth. The band threw down. Vince came by to see the boys make their Opry debut and to wish them well. When Mike asked Vince if he was going to play with them, Vince said "I would be too much of a distraction and I don't want to take anything away from you guys. This is your special night at the Opry and I just want you all to enjoy it". So he sat on the side of the stage and looked on as Mike, John David, Donny, and Scott blew the doors off of Kansas City Southern and Amie. It was great to watch. It was also really cool standing beside John Conlee, Little Jimmy Dickens, Old Crow Medicine Show, Riders in the Sky, Darius Rucker, and all the other talent that played that night who stood on both sides of the stage to watch history in the making for PPL. Speaking of history in the making, the "Circle" in the center of the stage is made of wood that came from the original Opry stage at the Ryman Auditorium and is where the premier artist is placed. John David and his pedal steel were set up in the circle. From the research I've done, I found that John David is the first pedal steel player to have ever been set up in the "Circle". Well deserved I might add.

So all I can say is great job to the boys and we're all very proud of you!!!
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