Stiefel Theatre- Salina, KS

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Stiefel Theatre- Salina, KS

Postby Tom » Fri Jul 20, 2012 12:05 pm

Hey prairiedogs,

Here's some real great feedback form several sources on the internet re: PPL's show in Kansas.

Have a good one,
Tom Sheridan

"The harmonies of the three singers were tight and the music was played with edge and accuracy. “Kansas City Southern” kicked off the set, a crowd pleaser to be sure. Founding member John David Call’s amazing steel guitar work was his signature style that defined the songs at every turn… and the man had just turned sixty seven! These were REAL fans. Reilly was sincerely impressed with the “heavy company” of stars who have played the Stiefel, and due respect should be given to Executive Director Jane Gates for working hard to bring the most legendary performers in the country to this obscure town.The huge hit “Two Lane Highway” and the final song was “Amie”, were both mega hits which ruled the radio. The crowd gave standing applause."

"I liked the show the first two bands Firefall and Pure prarie league were the best. Favorite moment: Amie and Jazzman by PPL "

"Pure Prairie League played a full set. Their energy and musicianship was incredible. What pros--totally enjoyed. The bands were so cool to meet the audience in the lobby after their sets--class acts!"

When you see a steel guitar on the stage, you know your in for some "real" country music, or in this case, a country/rock mixture. This band straddles that line with a mix that can't be beat.

Pure Prairie League took to the stage for the second hour of The Stiefel Theatre show. The band sang “Let Me Love You Tonight”, “Amie”, “Jazzman”and “Two Lane Highway”. The audience sang along with every song without any encouragement whatsoever. When every song's a hit, that's easy to do. The lyrics are so memorable that if you knew the song in the "70's, you still remember the lyrics today. The band sang one I’d never heard before, but liked instantly, “I’ll Change Your Flat Tire, Merle”. PPL encouraged the audience to sing along on“Falling In and Out of Love”. All to soon another hour had come to a close and after a standing ovation, the band was off to the lobby for a meet and greet, the hunt for autographs and pictures began anew. 

Pure Prairie League-Review by Davis Speras

Pure Prairie League was the highlight of the night for me.

These guys gave a very polished and energetic set which contained a great blend of country rock classics as only PPL can still do.

The lead guitar of Donnie Clark combined with the incomparable pedal steel of original member John David Call rocked the place. Lead vocals from three singers, Clark in particular were superb. Mike Reilly another member since the early years provided terrific vocals on several classic PPl tunes Kansas City Southern, Flat Tire Merle and others.

A great show from a band that knows what country rock is all about,a band that many of today's stars in country music still cite as an influence.

©David Speras
"I have seen the future of country music and it's name is Pure Prairie League."
Nostradamus 1555
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