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Hi prairiedogs,

Another night, another city and venue, another superlative review and another sellout . What else is new ?

The guys continue to shine as brightly as ever, coast to coast. These guys have been on a roll for several years now and they continue to blaze the same trail they started over 40 years ago. They continue to perform at the level that put them on top of the country rock world. The demand for PPL continues to increase, their popularity still a strong as ever. Icons, legends, pioneers, call them what you will but the masterful, hard working musicians in the band are the reason the name Pure Prairie League still generates such respect and admiration. No gimmicks, no PR machine, no confusion about who PPL is or what they are all about in 2012. It's about the band members playing the greatest country rock ever made and the fans who still thrive on it.

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Here's the rundown on their recent trip to Texas.

A Real Classic: Pure Prairie League

“Amie, what you wanna do? I think I could stay with you…for a while, maybe longer if I do…” If you were born anytime after the mid 1950’s, these words and music have been ingrained into your psyche as a true insight into American culture and pastime. As the warm, melodic strum of fingers hits the guitar and the country-tinged sound flows down the ear canals, this classic song immediately takes the mind back to a time when rock n’ roll was king, life was simpler in so many ways, and there was nothing better than hanging out with friends and listening to great music.

It’s 2012, but here at the One World Theatre, Pure Prairie League (PPL) were out to prove that they still rock. Forming in the late 1960’s, these rock n’ roll country boys of Columbus and Cincinnati finally burst onto the scene in 1974, when their little-known album, “Bustin’ Out,” produced the single “Amie,” that shot them to fame. While the group had struggled in the beginning before finding any notoriety, their unique myriad of musical styles soon had audiences captivated. Dueling guitars nearly shredded during a performance combined with a touch of country and a contributing piano, made this group of musical substance stand out among the rest.

While Pure Prairie League enjoyed great success in both the 1970’s and 80’s, they released their last album of nearly twenty years, “Mementos,” in 1987. While the group continued to evolve their sound, band members and tours throughout the next few decades, in 2002 they went back into the studio, and in 2005 released their long awaited album, “All in Good Time,” to great commercial and critical success.

Back on tour, the community of Austin couldn’t wait to hear this group ascend the stage again. Performing to a sold-out show at One World Theatre, these boys had everyone captivated from the moment they hit their first note. Playing faster than a cricket on a cool Summer night, this musical group charmed the audience with their lightning skills on the guitar and bass and smooth musical notes. In between songs, the band proved they had a great sense of humor, even making fun of themselves for waiting 18 years to release a new album. Among the new songs and old hits, the excitement and joy of the night was capped off with PPL’s modern rendition of “Amie,” which was the perfect way to end such a great night of music.

While One World Theatre always seems to feature fantastic artists from such a wide genre, it was remarkable to see such an act and piece of musical history just steps away from where I sat. One World never ceases to amaze in its intimacy and incredibly warm feeling when seeing any artist perform in its theatre. Being able to see a favorite musician perform live is great, but having the chance to view their show so up-close and personal in Austin is what makes this venue stand out from the rest. If you haven’t had a chance, come by to experience your favorite artist in such an extraordinary way!
"I have seen the future of country music and it's name is Pure Prairie League."
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