PPL in Columbus!

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PPL in Columbus!

Postby Doug » Wed Aug 24, 2011 10:24 pm

After reading Tom's review of the BB King show, all I can say about the Columbus show is this: All that plus George Ed Powell! Lol! Seriously, tho, what can I say? It was as Tom eloquently described, with the added thrill of getting to hear George croon like old times as well. I want to hear PPL play "Country Song" every time I attend one of their concerts. Of course the only way to do that right is if George Ed Powell is singing it. So I says to Mike after the show, says I... "Say, Mike, ya know, since Craig is taking some time off, you oughta take George Ed on tour with ya!" To which he responded with a "that's not a half-bad idea" kinda look, he said that others had also suggested the same thing! (Hey, Mike - just do it!) George just blends in on guitar like he's been there forever, and everybody loves his unique singing style. Honestly, I would love to see him with the band every time. Missed Craig, but the guys sure did pound out a great set! JD told us before the show that all the bands had been asked to trim 5 minutes from their set, due to a late start, and the early acts playing a little long. So we didn't get to hear "Harvest". (One of my personal PPL faves). Darn it! So that was the only dis I had on the show, was they didn't play long enough! I remember a show in 1980 in Chillicothe when they played over three hours of music. Them were the days. Angel # 9, Woman, I had never heard the band play those before! Early Morning Riser is almost a signature song of the bands early years. All in all, I do have to say it was an exceptional performance by the League. Not to mention Exile (love those guys), and McGuffey Lane! I would like to suggest McGuffey Lane to all PPL fans out there, how they never made the big time is beyond me. Ohio absolutely adores McGuffey Lane, has since before their debut album in the late seventies. Just google them and grab a greatest hits album, or a live album and you'll see what I mean. Now back to the League! It was a testament to John David Call's fortitude that he even played that night since his dad (stepdad) just passed away and the viewing was earlier that day. Prayers are with you and your loved ones, John! But, wow, he couldn't have had a better performance that night. That about sums it up! Short but sweet. Later, Dogs!
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