Head of Lakes Fair, Superior WI 7/16

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Head of Lakes Fair, Superior WI 7/16

Postby Tom » Tue Aug 02, 2011 8:55 pm

Hey prairiedogs,

Here's a few words from a blogger , a nice little story from a lady and friends who enjoyed the concert and met the guys after the show. It's especially nice since she was apparently not familiar with PPL, which strongly suggests she led a sheltered, rather mundane life until the concert. It's nice to convert fans at any age, not to mention inject them with a dose of adrenaline. I'm thinking things will continue on the upswing for her. And maybe if her ex and her had attended a few PPL shows in the past they could have saved some cash on lawyer and court fees.

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Steve (xhubster) and I went to the Head of the Lakes fair, in Superior, together yesterday. While we hang out from time to time, it's the first fun thing we've done together in years. The day dawned HOT and muggy, becoming quite miserable by mid-afternoon. We backed our fair start time til 6pm, but it really didn't help any. I ran for the cheese curds right when we got there, because in that heat I knew I wouldn't be hungry for long, and I wasn't. The icee was the best thing I ate until the later night brownie sundae. We slogged through the midway, and the barns, then found a fairly cool spot to just chill for a bit. We had a nice visit, and some serious conversation about some things going on in his life.

The main concert, Pure Prairie League, (70's band that I barely know) was scheduled for 8, and at about 7:45 the texts start. The gist of them is this: The band came in to The Shack on Friday night, they were staying at The Baywalk Inn which is a block behind, and Jon met some of them. They became pals and he got backstage passes. Oh and by the way, they'll be back at The Shack after the concert if you guys want to join us!

Steve and I wandered over to the concert area and listened for a bit, then Lisa and Jon joined us and we all had a rather nice time! The band sounded amazing. They are, after all, not spring chickens anymore. There are two younger guys in the group, and then some original members. Awesome show! Steve and I held hands through "Let me love you tonight" which I didn't realize they sang, and then when they sang "Amy" at the end he put his arm around me, and I put my head on his shoulder and we swayed, just like old times. Too bad there weren't more moments like that in the old times.......perhaps there wouldn't be an X in front of his name. It was sweet, and romantic, and a good time. The sun went down (thank God) and we spent another hour re-walking the midway, under a big full moon, just enjoying each others company. Oh, and a huge brownie sundae!
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