Monroe County Community College..Monroe,Mi

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Monroe County Community College..Monroe,Mi

Postby tbucket » Mon Feb 14, 2011 6:12 pm

Saturday 2/12/11.................Excellent show, hadn't heard some of those tunes in years . & "Happy Birthday Reilly", Sorry about the quiet atmosphere, but Monroe is not a real rowdy town , I too like to just sit back & listen , I know we are all older & usually the fans hear something close to what they heard 40 years earlier , with you guys it sounds just as it did & should!!! Sorry about the small crowd as well, but you were right with the up close & personal. Thanks again for a wonderful evening.

Mitch from Monroe
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Re: Monroe County Community College..Monroe,Mi

Postby Mr70Cyclone » Sun Mar 06, 2011 6:24 pm

I had second row seats and thought it was Great. Yeah, it should of been a bigger crowd but I live down by Toledo and never saw anything in the local paper and they have on Thurs. listings for weekend happenings. The only way I knew was from this website. It was really good getting to talk to the guys after the show. I really wanted to buy Mike a birthday drink. Thanks for a great night.
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Re: Monroe County Community College..Monroe,Mi

Postby Tom » Tue Jun 14, 2011 12:38 pm

Hey guys,

I'm quite late but thanks for the posts, I enjoy hearing from people like you ,glad you enjoyed it.

Re: the lack of ads or publicity, I have to agree with you that in some cases , venues really don't put out too much. Also, a major pet peeve I have is the stuff that venues put on their website to push the show. It's incredibly poor at times and doesn't come close to capturing what PPL accomplished as pioneers, as country rock leaders. Sometimes they take a few lines from the bio, (poor) and actually state the band is working on a new CD, meaning All IN Good Time from 2005 ! Other times they talk about where the band's name came from (who cares now? ), PPL did Amie and Let Me Love You Tonight, Gill was in the band, blah, blah blah. I wrote to a venue a few years ago when they had the following on their site for a Country Rock lLegends ad : "Pure Prairie League is known as one of the great country rock groups. And rightfully so." Holy Sh*** !! That was it ! The other bands of course had full blown write ups, PPL zip. I was told " That's what they gave us." That's not the first time that happened. Ridiculous. The point of the ad is to sell the band, remind fans of what PPL did, and yet it still that doesn't happen.It's also a matter of pride.

Is there something wrong with mentioning that PPL took country rock national (along with The Eagles ) with 6 Top 40 LP's, including 5 consecutive ones in the 70's? Try finding another country rock act that did that. Maybe mention that PPL music appears on over 100 CD compilations ? How about stating the influence it had on many of the biggest names in country music history ? Why not provide them with quotes from Rolling Stone, Billboard and other major publications re: various PPL releases that state PPL has the greatest country rock music ever made ? How about plugging the last CD All In Good Time called by Goldmine magazine as an unlikely but potent candidate for album of the year ? I could go on, you get the drift. It beats reading that Luke was on the Saturday Evening Post right ? it's simple, I've done it. I have it on file, but I'm not their manager or publicist. Someone need to get off their butt and make an effort, please ! It's unfathomable at this point that one simple publicity piece hasn't been drafted and submitted to each venue when a show is booked.That's my rant of the day !!!

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