Old Cinti concert Utube

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Old Cinti concert Utube

Postby Rip Lee » Thu Dec 13, 2007 11:03 am

Found this rendition of Amie on Utube - I was actually there but can't remember the year - at Eden Park in Cincinnati. It's a bit grainey but the harmonies are awesome. Even get a few seconds of Mike Conners. Thank you to the person who recorded this and converted it to digital for everyone to enjoy.


PS if the link doesn't work go to Utube and and look up Craig Fuller.

HAppy Holidays to all fellow Prairie Dogs!!

Rip Lee
Rip Lee
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Postby LIDog » Thu Dec 13, 2007 3:15 pm

Wow... What a lucky day to log in!

Craig, George Powell, Mike Connor, John Call, Larry and Tim Goshorn, Billy Hinds, and of course, Mr. Reilly!

This was a real treat. Thanks Rip Lee!

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Postby Tom » Sat Dec 22, 2007 11:30 am

Thanks Rip !

That was real nice of Bob to post it on you tube, what a thrilling day for the hometown crowd !

" We are Pure Prairie League. " " We are Cincinnati ! " Mike summed it up real nicely as the crowd went wild.

The show was an outdoor concert at Eden Park, Cincinnati on August 9, 1986.

There's a a couple of other band members at this show: Dan Clawson who played harmonica , sax and flute.Dan appeared on the Mementos CD. Also, we have on drums Steve Steele who played with PPL a few years..

PPL put one some very spirited shows, really rocking out around this time period. If you didn't have the good fotune of catching Craig in his early PPL days at Billy's or New Dilly's or during the Fuller-Kaz tour, you may have only known him through acoustic sings or more laid back type singing.

But Craig really rocked during this time , pounding out some great electrical guitar work and his voice was boomng ! He did a tune on Mementos called Love Is An Illusion, co-written with Mike and Tim. In concert, he let out on it, really brought it to life. And he loved to bop around the stage ! PPL did a very upbeat, hot version of Craig's Fool For You from his Fuller-Kaz days. This show, as well as others from that time, were a terrific blend of PPL's old classics as well as some new tunes from Craig and Tim.

Another gem was Tim's Up In Smoke, unfortunately based on the Laurel Canyon fires which destroyed the home a few band members were living in during the late 70's. Tim first did this tune as a member of PPL, and it later appeared on the Goshorn Bros. live CD.

Tim Goshorn, no longer playing with brother Larry in the lineup, was called on to provide even more of his abilities these years. He did some incredibly wonderful, and tasteful licks on lead, maybe even more so then in the 70's when he first joined PPL. And that says a lot !

PPL closed out this show with You're Between Me. Back in the early 70's, in fact even into 1976, after Craig had left, PPL would sometimes do this tune as a closer or encore. Everytime , the band got the crowd going wild ! Of course Mike led the way , getting them up and singing la la la la la la la, ad libbing etc.

All the best,
Tom Sheridan
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