Inne Sleeve Mystery Partially Solved

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Inne Sleeve Mystery Partially Solved

Postby fanzine » Wed Sep 27, 2006 7:25 pm

According to George Powell here are the identities for the first album inner sleeve pictures: 1. bearded guy above the lyrics to It's All On Me= "maybe Hugh McCracken" ( Tom your magic with the current picture of Hugh and the added beard seem to be proven correct ) 2. pictured below Doc's Tune= Craig Fuller 3. pictured above Tears ( center picture )= "Caughlan I think" 4. duo above Woman lyrics=Lanham and McCracken 5. picture below Woman= Caughlan 6. duo above Country Song= McCracken and Lanham 7. duo below Country Song= Craig Fuller on the left and "unknown" on the right 8. center picture above Harmony Song= George Powell 9. drummer= Caughlan 10. below the chorus of Harmony Song= Lantham. It would seem that all band members are pictured except for John Call. Hope this helps all who wanted to know.
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Speaking Of George Ed Powell

Postby Vice Admiral Swiss Navy » Fri Sep 29, 2006 8:55 pm


Speaking of George, have you heard anything from him concerning the "Daybreak" CD (or whatever it will be called) I heard talk of that he has been working on being produced?

It has been real silent on this issue and his real fans from Ohio are still anxiously waiting for more from him.

Everytime I drive from Waverly back to CVG and pass the Mt Orab area I think of him and wonder when it will be!

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Postby Tom » Sat Sep 30, 2006 8:53 am

Let's put this court in session once more.

fanzine, the evidence you put before us, via Mr. Powell, should have been submitted during the discovery process. Clearly, it was not. However since it may have an impact on the final outcome, I'm going to allow it. Bear in mind those who wish to examine it will be given the opportunity to do so.

Let's begin.

If we are to accept Mr Powell's identifications, and certainly his qualifications as an expert on the matter go unchallenged, we must also accept a few other details. Can we? Let's look a little closer.

Exhibit A


If we are to accept photo #2 as Mr. Powell, and photo # 1 as Mr Fuller, obviously they must be two different people. But to the untrained eye, it certainly appears that both photos are of the same individual, simply taken at different angles, one a head shot , the other a profile. Note the evidence presented in photos #4 and #5. Does it not appear that the hand on the chin and the raised index finger on the face are in the exact same position ? Furthemore, when we consider photo #3 , which has been positively ID'd as Mr Fuller, does it not appear that all photos are of the same individual ? Can we realistically think that two individuals, who bear more than a striking resemblance to each other, sat down at different times and merely happened to take the same pose ? Perhaps these photos belong in a Separated At Birth book.

Or perhaps I should drop this matter, close the case, and actually try to get something constructive done around here today. Well, that was quick, no choice in that one.

Let's have one more look at the person no one has yet to ID. The Big Hair.


Bob Ringe ? Angela Davis ? Who knows, better yet does anyone even care anymore ? Someone, somewhere does, and as of now, they are not talking.

A few little tidbits re: this whole scenario:

On the other thread I joked about how producer Bob Ringe managed to get some credits as a musician on Bustin' Out for maracas and shakers. He was listed as "Little Bobby Ring". According to Ringe, it was none other than Craig's idea, a little goof job ! It was also done with Mick Ronson. The Rick Ronson listed as back up vocals is really Mick Ronson. I'm not sure if I get that one, but OK.

As for Jim Lanham, well I figured it had to be him in the sleeve photos based on the time period and the guys who played bass for PPL back then. In addition, Jim was a session player who did much work in NY and was from the East coast. I'm not sure if NY was actually his home at the time. But after leaving PPL he went out to LA.

Lanham was good friends with another great session player, the bearded wonder in the photos, Hugh McCracken. Hugh did much session work in NY and it was Lanham who asked him if he'd come in for a track on the LP. Hugh did his thing in three takes, got himself in a few nice photos and was done.

Steve, thanks a ton for the info and keeping this thing going ! I need all the excuses I can get to stay on this thing and avoid the inevitable work that awaits me.

Mike, nice to hear from you, hope all is well. The last I heard awhile ago was George was still looking for someone to get behind his project, I think he had actually recorded a bunch of stuff, we also saw the CD photo, but I believe you already know that. Maybe we can get an update.

Take care all,
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Postby fanzine » Sun Oct 01, 2006 6:23 am

OK, you got me. I'm probably guilty of withholding evidence in this case. In his response to me, George indicated that photo #2 was him because of the CURLS in his hair. The photo positively indentified as Craig has straight hair, while if you look closely at the picture of George, althought difficult but not impossible to see, the hair is curly. Just like Skip Battin and The Bryds sang in reference to long- haired, hippie types... " you all loook alike". Thanks Tom for your help and comments for this on going case.

Mike- from what George has told me, there is still recording to be done this fall/winter. I would not expect any release until next year at the earliest.
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Postby LIDog » Sun Oct 01, 2006 11:05 pm

Hi guys,
I'm afraid that the extended forefinger on the chin thing is inconclusive. In fact, Tom, I'm shocked that you didn't immediately recognize it as the well known secret Prairiedog sign for, "It's been a long session, I'm hungry, and would very much like something to eat now." See attached photo:

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