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Ghost town...

PostPosted: Fri Jul 10, 2009 12:04 pm
by Dan Williams III
Here I go again reporting that this site has been very problematic for me with logins, attempted posts, lack of response from reports that I have made to the site administrator, etc. Am I truly the only one who is experiencing this? I can't help but feel that the lack of activity in recent years on this message board is related to others having similar problems logging in and posting. But if you can't log in then how would anyone know for sure? So my request to all members is this...will anyone who reads this post please indicate what your experience here has been...the avalanche of posts will certainly both convince me of my ineptitude here, and that PPL's fans have little to discuss anymore. PLEASE respond, folks...I can take it, trust me. Thanks much.
To the site administrator...if it turns out that there are few responses to my post, will you please look into the possibilty that there is a problem with the site? Thank you much also.

Ghost Town...Maybe.

PostPosted: Fri Jul 10, 2009 7:35 pm
by Vice Admiral Swiss Navy

I have had little to no trouble signing in, posting or reading.

I think many people got AIGT, and then they have seen very little new so they have little to talk about.

We have heard about George's solo work and nothing comes to fruition.

We have heard about Craig's solo album but again nothing yet comes to fruition.

People who were there and people who weren't there wanted more of the Live reunion show from Chillicothe, but nothing but the one song on AIGT ever came to pass.

I guess the point is PPL fans/family keep coming here but they see little new so they have little new to talk about or post.

This is not to blame anyone just the facts as I see them and for me personally.

None of the shows have been close enough to attend so I haven't had a live performance since Chillicothe.

Trust me I play the hell out of all my PPL/American Flyer/Fuller Kaz/Feat w/Craig and some treats shared by Tom, but there is nothing new for me, so I for one have little to post.

I am hungry for something new, but I will check back periodically and keep my ear to the grindstone.

PostPosted: Fri Jul 10, 2009 11:21 pm
by LIDog
I haven't had any problems with the site either. Apart from it being the ghost town, that is. But no logging-in issues. Thanks for the heads-up about the Sept. 12th show. I wonder if Curtis is really going to be there, or if it was an error? Either way is fine. Donnie did a good job, but it would be nice to see Curtis again, too.

I don't know, guys. I suppose they'll release music when they're finally satisfied. They seem to be perfectionists about it, to say the least. Obviously, there isn't much enthusiasm from Craig and Mike for this site, either. It's a pity. Personally, I wish it were designed a little differently, to try to make it very easy for a curious person to learn about the history of the band, hear the hits, and see photos of the different lineups as soon as they enter. There must be many people who identify with one particular lineup, and if the pictures don't ring a bell, they'll leave. If they stay, they might buy something, or go see a show, etc.

I thought making money was a good thing?


PostPosted: Sat Jul 11, 2009 8:14 am
by Dan Williams III
It would be fantastic if Curtis shows up, but I have a feeling that it was a misinformed tease. I have to be at a wedding on Sept. 12th but I will make every effort to get to the show at some point, even if I have to stand in the back of the church...or I could sit on a kneeler ala Jerry Seinfeld. The last time I saw PPL was at BB Kings...seems like ages ago.
Interesting that there have been 44 views of this topic yet only 2 responses so far...lack of interest or technical difficulties...we'll likely never know for sure.

PPL Website

PostPosted: Fri Jul 17, 2009 3:25 pm
by wdmathews
The many times I have experienced difficulty signing on were finally traced to the browser I was using, either AOL or Mozilla. Now I only sign on with Internet Explorer which works consistently for me.

As far as the other aspects of the website, I have noticed a few improvements, better info about tour dates, removal of the big turnoff of outdated information. Fan enthusiasm has to be matched by the band and the website administrator. I have wondered how many times a festival or booking agent has checked out the website and been turned off by the outdated information. The lack of merchandise offered on the website surely has lost more money than the amount for paid professional website management.

The PPL music and in particular the All in Good Time CD is sad and joyful music, a pleasure to hear, and a reminder that we all can do top quality work, and maybe even our best work as mature adults, not just as angst ridden pshaw.

Our ability to appreciate the emotional range expressed in good music does not subside as we get older, but grows stronger.

The PPL music has been both the theme song and soundtrack of my life. It means so much to me that I want everyone to hear it and see what we mean by a great folk rock band. Can I get an Amen?

Finally able to respond

PostPosted: Wed Jul 22, 2009 8:07 am
by prairiedog
Hello Prairiedogs!

Due to a major issue with spammers, our webmaster Dania has had to change servers several times to keep smut, slop & crap off the PPL website. This process also played havoc with our ability to access our mailboxes, post, and literally participate. We've had to sit back and watch & listen. While I understand certain fan's frustrations regarding new music, video, merchandise, band member participation, etc. I will attempt in the future to be more vigilant & proactive. Let me assure you, I go to the website every single day. It can get a bit painful to hear that there are problems logging on, that the guys in the band don't care, blah blah blah. I'll not make excuses for anyone regarding their participation or lack thereof. Some people are more outgoing than others, and will seem more proactive. Others value their privacy a bit more. To say that we all have plenty going on in our lives is a huge understatement. While the particulars are not important (this isn't FaceBook) suffice it to say that these forums are more for the fans to trade blogs than for the band to play at social networking. We give our best on stage and at the shows, and that takes a lot of energy. When we're not traveling, we have families, regular day jobs, and many other activities not related to our music that keep us constantly busy. It would be nice to make a good living by only playing music, but in this day and age, and given the demand (or lack of) for PPL shows, we all do what we have to to pay the bills and keep the nuts & bolts from coming undone. I'm sure we're pretty much all in the same boat. We do our best to keep the faith.

Regarding our music: Craig will continue working on his solo project until he's happy with it. He's not writing for any new PPL product at this time. Rick & Donnie work with several people and do their own solo projects. They are committed to this band, and are more than eager to write, record and release more PPL music. When PPL is not on the road, Fats has his Americana band and records his solo material, issued on his own label. Everyone's continued participation in all things PPL is contingent on our individual & collective ability to make something that we can all be proud of, and our hope is that our loyal fans will like what we do.
Video footage of this band is in short supply. We're looking for archived material that we can show on the website. Any leads are appreciated. If we can organize a "finale" concert, you can bet it will be recorded & made available. I've discussed this scenario with all living band members & all are interested. Logistically, it's a major undertaking, but if it's meant to be, it'll happen.
We are currently involved in litigation regarding our rights to use, distribute, manufacture, sell or even think about what we consider our legal intellectual property. PPL would love to make all things PPL available to our fans, but there are certain short-sighted & greedy bastards ( *** ) that continue to make this difficult. 'Nuff said.

We are continually striving to maintain our website despite limited resources and a paucity of new content, other than some much-appreciated photos, an updated show schedule and the occasional post from fans old & new. I personally will try to address as many inquiries as possible. Looking toward the future, I would appreciate your thoughts regarding all things PPL. I can speak for the entire organization when I say that what we do, we do for us and for you. We all feel blessed that we can continue to enjoy playing our music for folks that take the time and energy to support our endeavors. We look forward to seeing some of your friendly faces at upcoming shows.

Stay well and God Bless !!
Mike Reilly

PostPosted: Wed Jul 22, 2009 12:03 pm
by Vice Admiral Swiss Navy
Prairiedog MR it is great to hear from you!

I am so happy for your recovery and your involvement and thank you for the update.

We are greedy as we have been given so much by all of the players who joined and graced the PPL family over the years, that we should be satisfied, but you have all given us gifts that we truly treasure.

The growth and changes in the band have, in my opinion, been quite fun and refreshing as you never quite knew what was next or what to expect.

As I said years ago, I remember listening to that first album sitting on a porch in Waverly, Ohio and I was so proud and excited to hear what I heard.

40 years later it is just as much fun to put that same old album on my turntable, (Ok it's a new copy but yes I still have LPs and all the albums) or slip on the headphones of my mp3 player and take a walk along the Ohio River and listen to the harmonies of my youth. The ones that me and all my Waverly buddies sang along to all those many years ago.

Thanks for the memories and I for one still wait patiently for those new ones to be formed and as a true prairiedog, I know it will happen again All In Good Time!


Thank you Mike Reilly

PostPosted: Sun Jul 26, 2009 3:06 pm
by LIDog
Mr. Reilly, I can't even begin to thank you enough for everything you did to make it possible for me to see a band that I never thought I would. What else can I say?

My memories are of commandeering my brother's "Takin' the Stage" album when I was 13 yrs old in '77. Over the following years, I would collect them all, and discover a rich history of great music, and great professionalism. I wasn't old enough to go see you then, but I sure appreciated the very high quality recordings, and the generous packaging. I feel sorry for today's cd generation. They missed out on the joy of having those great album covers, works of art in their own right.

Now I've had the pleasure of seeing you a number of times since 2005, and the top notch shows say everything that needs to be said about you and the other guys' dedication to the music, and to the audience.

Be assured that you guys' health and happiness is always the main thing to us. Yes, we're sometimes greedy, but we're also motivated by the fan's desire to share this great music with others. That's an important thing, and we'll help in any way we can.

And we hope that you'll tolerate additional requests. For example:

1. Mike Reilly cd (C'mon! Even a 4 song sampler!)

2. A Pure Prairie Christmas (Another opportunity to include old friends!)

Take care!

PostPosted: Tue Jul 28, 2009 11:28 pm
by jpmagg3
Thanks for stopping in, Mike - I haven't experienced any problems at all logging in or accessing the material here, and that's with two total computer meltdowns in the last couple of months. Like everyone else I stop in to see if anything's up here occasionally, but I usually figure there's just not a lot to say until new material and shows are out and that's just fine the way it is...I'll look forward to any and all of it when ya'll are ready to show us, all in good time, so to speak.

That said, we Buckeye locals would sure like to catch you guys one last time if fate allows and the water don't rise.

PostPosted: Thu Aug 06, 2009 3:38 pm
by Zero Zagnut
Mike, I kinda like "Smut, Slop and Crap" as the title of an outtakes album!!! Thanks for the update. Hope you're feeling well. "Fade Away" is still one of my faves!!! Are you playing near Tulsa, OK anytime soon?