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PPL interview / video

Postby Tom » Wed Dec 24, 2008 10:17 pm

Hi prairiedogs,

When PPL played at Copper Mountain last Sept, one of the stations caught up with th guys and did a real nice interview. You can catch it here.

http://vail.plumtv.com/videos/pure_prai ... ewell_tour

Unfortunately, they misunderstood the guys and posted the article as 2008 being PPL's Farewell Tour.

As Ken mentioned in the concert thread re: the Pitts . Mass show, right now the guys may not go beyond 2009. But that's now ! And they still may do some shows after that, , maybe not 30- 40, we will have to wait and see. But for now, we have next year, their 40th anniversay and much look fowrad to ! Keep checking the topur page for updates.

All the best,
Tom Sheridan
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