Guess who's a prairiedog ?

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Guess who's a prairiedog ?

Postby Tom » Mon Sep 29, 2008 7:56 pm

None other than Triumph The Insult Dog !

Yes, Triumph is a prairiedog as well as a master of the art of insult, two traits anyone would be proud to possess.

On a recent Conan O'Brien show, Triumph interviewd Ralph Nader. After attacking Nader endlessly, Triumph asked him what was next on his schedule. Nader responded he was doing an interview with a radio guy. The camera panned over to a long haired guy with a beard from the radio station.

Triumph asked Nader " Are you really doing an interview with him or are you just going to sit around and compare your Pure Prairie League album collections? "

I knew there had to be more to Triumph, some real class that until now we hadn't seen. And now, I'll forgive Conan for jumping in Leno's grave, as O'Brien is obviously a PPL fan.

That makes American Idol, Saturday Night Live and The Conan O'Brien show all giving a nod to PPL almost 40 years after it's start.

Have a good one,
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