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Concert in the Mountains with Mr. Reilly

Postby Tornado » Tue Sep 09, 2008 6:17 pm

Hi folks, long time PPL fan here. Returned from a show in Mass. on Wachusett Mtn. the other night. Sept. 6th. It was a rain soaked day and a shortened set due to the rain that day. Misery Train was the highlight. I am not really writing so much about the show, the band did great despite the rain and some sound problems. I am writing to make sure that EVERYONE knows that Mike Reilly is one helluva great guy.
Some folks say never meet your heroes, you'll just be disappointed. In this case at least, they are wrong. Mike walked the concourse before the show not concerned or afraid about making actual human contact with anyone. I just said "Hi Mike" and then we spoke for about ten minutes, I wished him well and he was on his way. One of the most sincere, nicer persons I have ever met in the business.
After their set was over, only one person came off the stage from PPL to talk to fans and sign anything they had (none of course had to.) That was Mike. I decided to to have my picture taken with Mike and he obliged. I did that not because I was a fan of the musician although I am, I did it because I quickly became a fan of the man. A rare talent, and a rare person in this day of "it's all about me" musicians! Mike, thanks for making my day. Dan
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Postby Tom » Mon Sep 29, 2008 2:59 pm

Hi Tornado,

Nice to hear from you again.

Thanks for sharing your experience, great post. Sorry about the the weather but it sounds like everyone made the best of it, most of all you.

No one is more fan friendly than Mike, he's been that way since '72. In '05, Mike and all the guys hung out after a show. It was their 3rd straight show and they had about a 17 hour drive to Cincy for a show the next day. Anyone who wanted something signed got it. Mike met fans he hadn't seen in about 20 years and spared no time greeting fans, sharing old war stories and spinning new ones. He's back and that's great news.

The night of your show they had a miserable trip to Long Island where the next day they were in a major 4 band show, one I regretfully could not attend. They received rave reviews. Rain or shine, PPL comes to play, you will never be short changed by these guys.

Have a good one Dan,
Tom Sheridan
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