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Amie on Saturday Night Live

Postby Tom » Sun Apr 20, 2008 3:26 pm

Hi prairiedogs,

Almost exactly one year ago, Ben Stiller gave a shout out to PPL on American Idol.

The April 12, 2008 episode of SNL had a skit which featured the PPL classic Amie.

The sketch was about 4 guys in a bar, sitting at a table, talking about girlfriends etc. The song on the jukebox is Amie. They talk over the song, but each time the chorus part comes up , the guys all sing along into their beer bottles. It sounds familiar right ?

It's a very cool skit, as PPL and Amie in 2008 are still hitting the mainstream.

I found something on youtube, it's not the whole sketch, but it's a good view of what it's about. Click the link below. Go to about 6:48 into it and that's the part with Amie. Some guy reviews the show each week on youtube, and he apparently loved this bit. ... re=related

Have a good one,
Tom Sheridan
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