PPL , Craig live radio promo, Craig debuts new tune

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PPL , Craig live radio promo, Craig debuts new tune

Postby Tom » Fri Feb 22, 2008 12:16 pm

Hi gang,

The guys from PPL and Poco were on the air live 102.3 KCUV radio today promoting tonight's show.

I didn't post this in advance since I didn't know about it, and that is a real shame.

I actually stumbled on it by accident when checking on some info re: tonight's show.

I was incredibly lucky; I tuned in just in time to hear Craig Fuller.

Craig and the DJ spoke about how PPL had been at Red and Jerry's a few years ago and were happy to have PPL back in the area.

Craig stated how PPL and Poco do some shows together and love it, not just because of the music but because there's a genuine friendship among the band members.

As for PPL playing to the fans today, he joked : " Our job is to make them feel old and young at the same time."

Craig then performed Boulder Skies and it sounded great ! It was amusing at one point when he kept strumming and remarked " I'm imagining the piano part." He also stated it might be the only song he's written which is based on some fact. So,once and for all, no real Amie, or Annabella !

Of course the long awaited Craig Fuller CD was mentioned. Apparently Craig has had a change of heart in regards to the title. It looks like Not Made in China will no longer be the title. As of now, it's untitled. So save those T shirts from last year ! Craig said the CD is almost done.

A real bonus ! Craig premiered a new tune from it, titled Night Train to New Orleans, " about a guy who's made to ride the train because his girl can't stay put."

It sounded terrific, just Craig and his guitar , and I'd describe it as the essence of Craig : Crafty lyrics, that voice, with a catchy, bluesy -country feel to it. The guitar work sounded real nice, a mid tempo type tune.

All the best,
Tom Sheridan
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Craig to Open Solo Then Play w/ Little Feat

Postby Dr. Photo » Sun Feb 24, 2008 9:53 am


I have had the great fortune to hear Craig open a solo show in Negril ,Jamaica .
was called " Craig's Solo Brunch "
Night Train To New Orleans
Truck Stop Girl
Nothin Like The Lonely
Sure Do Miss You Now
Connected At The Soul
Love Has No Pride
Hard Times
Don't Try Too Hard
Cost Of Doing Bussiness
Sailin Shoes w/ Paul Barrere on Mando
(stories told)
My old Kentuckey
Oh Susannah
Campton Races
and many more !!!

Secound Time Craig played Solo Date:
6/23/2007 Location: Neighborhood Theater - Charlotte, NC
Truck Stop Girl, Connected At The Soul, Cost Of Doing Business^, Night Train To New Orleans^, Deportee^, Don't Try Too Hard^, Long Time Till I Get Over You^, Sailin' Shoes@
^ w/ Patrick Fuller(Craig's son), @ w/ Paul, Fred and Sam

Technical Difficulties on stage, Skin It Back > Day At The Dog Races, Time Loves A Hero > Day Or Night, Cadillac Hotel, Down On The Farm > Candyman > Down On The Farm, Can't Be Satisfied > Hot Tamales, Willin > Don't Bogart That Joint > Long Black Veil > The Weight > Willin', Feels Like Rain, Dixie Chicken* > Bass Solo > Key Solo > Dixie Chicken*, E: Fat Man In The Bathtub* > Get Up Stand Up* > Walk On Gilded Splinters* > Fat Man In The Bathtub*
Craig Fuller opened,* w/ Craig Fuller


3/21/2008 Hoogland Center For The Arts Springfield, IL FRIDAY,

www.scfta.org for more info !!
Pictures of Both these shows are in the PHOTO SECTION OF THE PPL SITE ! :lol:

As well I have two Not Made In China T-Shirts Red and RARE BLUE :wink:

No Black Or White Just Shades of Grey !
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Postby Tom » Tue Mar 11, 2008 6:28 am

Hi Dave,

Nice to hear from you, great post !

No doubt Craig brought down the house, closing out with Oh Susannah and Campton Races. He probably saved I've Been Working On The Railroad for another show. He's always been full of surprises !

That's a great setlist. a real nice blend of his work from various stages of his career.

See you soon,
Tom Sheridan
"I have seen the future of country music and it's name is Pure Prairie League."
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