1974 Concert - mark your calendars

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1974 Concert - mark your calendars

Postby MartinD28 » Mon Dec 10, 2007 3:06 pm

Every Sunday night KCUV.com out of Colorado plays some great shows from the '70's and 80's. On January 6, 2008 will be a PPL show from July 3, 1974.

Mark your calendar for this one. These are live from Ebetts Field.
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Postby Tom » Sat Dec 22, 2007 9:16 am

Hi MartinD28,

I hope all is well with you and hope your music is still getting out there.

It's great a station still does this type of thing, it's very rare anyone bothers anymore in today's set up.

PPL did a 5 night run there I think , and Ebbett's Field is historically noted as one of the places in PPL history where the band had developed a stong foot hold, a time when fans were really grabbing hold of the band and letting radio stations know about it. PPL got hot at that time and were playing a grueling schedule, but it was paying off.

This certainly was a unique show, with Mike doing Craig's tunes , John call playing banjo on Amie, etc. The band showed much versatility while still working out new tunes in hopes of getting a contract (that would come 4-5 months later).They do some real nice bluegrass stuff and a few covers too. I like Mike's version of Brand New Tennessee Waltz with Conway's superb piano. They also do It's Not Love, But It's Not Bad. This song is PPL history as they still put it on the setlist at times today and I believe they started doing it way back when Craig sang it in the early days. Flat Tire Merle is great on this show, real tight stuff.

John David Call was receiving the highest of accolades during this time as many critics were seeing him for the first time and were blown away by what he was doing. Hearing the debut LP was one thing, but experiencing it live was another. In some sense, it can be said that his steel was the backbone of PPL at that time, as John was doing anything and everything on it, while the guys continued to develop their style.

George Powell's Fool For You is a hidden gem on this show. It was never recorded in the studio. Ironically, Craig did a song by the same title a few years later on the Fuller-Kaz LP that PPL would play in concert in the mid 80's when Craig returned.

All the best,
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