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Rick Schell: The man behind the scene

Postby Tom » Fri Dec 07, 2007 9:01 am

Hey prairiedogs,

On another thread we were just speaking about Billy Hinds and PPL's early days.

PPL drummers have certainly made enormous contributions to a storied legacy.

Tom McGrail, the original drummer, aside from his talents, gave the band it's name. Jim " Coffe: Caughlin launched the whole project with his superb work on the classic debut LP. Billy Hinds, who signed on in Toronto in '72, not only added his talents to the country rock masterpiece Bustin' Out, but brought Mike Reilly and Mike Connor into PPL.

Now today in 2007 we have Mr. Schell, the pride of Homer, NY. ( It's upstate NY, think Waverly OH circa the 60's)

It's hard to believe but around 9 years have passed since Rick first made his debut as PPL's drummer. In fact, we now must view Rick as a mainstay in the story that is Pure Prairie League.

While we have all become familiar with Rick's enormous talents as a drummer and vocalist, Rick's contribution to the legacy extends beyond the obvious. Like those before him, Rick has not only provided the band with a musical backbone, he has provided PPL with some very keen insight and direction re: band members.

It's been mentioned all over the internet how cohesive PPL sounds, the harmonies, well, just about any superlative you can think of, we've heard it. Rick has been instrumental in developing the sound and the people who make it. While there is certainly a process, it's fair to say Rick has been a major force behind the addition of Donnie Lee Clark and Jeff " Stick " Davis. Not to mention Fats Kaplin back around '98.

Again, PPL history repeating itself. Again, a drummer lighting the fuse that sets the fire. Again, another successful chapter in the PPL story.

A tip of the old cowboy hat to Rick !

All the best,
Tom Sheridan
"I have seen the future of country music and it's name is Pure Prairie League."
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