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PPL in Rutland VT

Postby davelefeber » Mon Nov 12, 2007 7:49 am

PPL opened the show in Rutland. Nice to see Mike R. back with the Band. PPL played about one hour or sow ith one encore an old Lowell George tune. I was very impressed with Donnie Lee Clark, both on vocals and guitar rides. Mike's vocals were good as well. Craig cracked a joke about "do we really have to play this Vince Gill's tune ?" FATS seemed a bit off and pre-occupied with something ? ?? He seemed out of sorts.....Overall a very good show but I think the Band enjoys playing a headline versus sharing a Bill. Great show though with POCO ! ! !! The crowd was very appreciative of PPL, great crowd response !
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Postby Tom » Wed Nov 21, 2007 8:13 am

Hi Dave,

Thanks so much for taking for time to post.

I'm glad you enjoyed yourself. In some ways they may prefer shows where it's just them, simply due to time constraints placed on the bands. The soundchecks, the shows themselves are usually very tightly timed and that can make it a bit difficult, especially with travel involved by both bands. In Bayshore, NY, it was only PPL, but they had two shows, and I saw Craig check his watch several times during the first one ! On the other hand, you get two great bands in one night.

Donnie Lee Clark, not to be confused with Donnie Clark, or Donnie Lee Harvey Oswald Clark, is an incredible talent, a monster guitar man who has really gelled with PPL. He grew up listening to PPL and comes from a country rock, southern rock background so he's right at home with the band. He played a number of shows last year and has really come on strong this year as a full time member. And the man can sing ! He does outstanding lead vocals on Misery Train, I'm Almost Ready and whatever else comes his way. John David Call echoed the same sentiments re: Donnie, and said he loved playing with him.

It's great Mike Reilly popped in and surprised everyone !! That's enormous, considering all he's been through. It must have been wonderful.

Take care Dave,
Tom Sheridan
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