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PostPosted: Sat Nov 03, 2007 6:48 am
by Dan Williams III
Does anyone here besides me get logged-off when they try to respond to a post? It's been happening to me for the past several months. It's quite annoying that I am forced to keep my two cents to myself. But it's probably that nasty Bush administration working overtime to suppress information again.Image So please speak up if you too are having problems posting, so I don't get any more paranoid than I already am. Thanks!
I do realize that you might not be able to sneak a post in here if you are as frustrated as I am about this. I emailed the administrator about this problem, but she doesn't think that it exists...must be a republican.

PostPosted: Sun Nov 04, 2007 11:52 am
by Rip Lee
HMMM... one of my posts from February showed up under someone elses name as a new post just recently. Perhaps the Republicans are more incideous than we think?!

PostPosted: Mon Nov 05, 2007 9:49 am
by Tom
Hi Dan,

I'm sorry to hear you are having problems getting a post in. I know you've been with us from the start of this thing and always enjoy your comments.

Like Dania, I am unaware of any widespsread problem. I receive quite a few emails, PM's etc and it hasn't been mentioned by anyone until now. Not to say someone else hasn't experienced it, maybe you just happen to be the first to bring it up. I know Dania goes to great pains to rectify any problems with the site and takes it very seriously.

There is one thing which may or may not relate to your specific problem, but maybe it's worth a look.

I have noticed if I log in, check out the site (when making a post or just viewing) then log out, if I attempt to log back in, it does not accept it, the log in screen does not react. Furthemore, when I look at the forum, my name still appears at the bottom where registered users are listed, even though I have logged off. Up top on the right side however, where it clearly shows you name as logged in or out, it's correctly set as not logged in. This happens whether I log in under my name, Tom, or through the admin function with the name admin.

What I do is simply click on the fan forum link on the homepage and open up a new screen which I then log back in with no problem. I never gave it much thought, since all I did was click a link and go back on. Maybe I should have, since if someone had the same problem and didn't think to open up a new browser, they might get stuck.

Dan, if it happens again, try opening up a new forum from the homepage. Maybe that will be it, I hope so, please let us know. It's worth a shot.

Also, quite some time ago someone wrote to me that they had some sort of problem. In that case, they had pasted the direct link to the log in page in their browser and they used that as opposed to getting in through the homepage. I suggested they use the homepage link and that ended it.

Dan, I hope that helps you, please stay in touch.

All the best,

Hi Rip,

It's always nice to hear from you. I enjoy a conspiracy as much as the next person, but sadly there is none.

We get enormous amounts of spammers, spambots etc who register as members. Of course they are useless. Many come from the same site or group and are generated automatically. They are very easy to spot especially when you look at what thet have listed under interests. And it's not Pure Prairie League, or even music. But they cannot make a post unless I activate a link, so by and large, they are harmless. However , they do get deleted, simply to keep the membership section clean.

Unfortunately it can take a great deal of time when they come on here in droves. When deleting these idiots by the hundreds, sometimes it can lead to an error. Such is the case with you, and why your old post appeared with a "new" name. A member who made a post was accidentally deleted. Depending if they started the thread or not a few things can happen, but an entire thread may be lost. Members will still see their comments if they check on their name to see everything they posted, but they aren't on the forum. The new name thing was done to get the thread and posts back on the site since we do not have individuals passwords, and cannot bring a post back the way the original poster made it. Sorry to see your name get thrown around, but I guess it's still better than having it disappear completely, especially when you take the time to make it in the first place.

All the best,

PostPosted: Mon Nov 05, 2007 3:43 pm
by Dan Williams III
Thanks for taking the time to respond, Tom...I've been posting for several years now on various message boards, but I've never encountered the type of difficulty that now exists here. I sure hope that the situation gets resolved...if not, I thank you all for your kindness, friendship, and for sharing in the joyful spirit that the Pure Prairie League Community is all about. It's been a blast!