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Ft. Thomas show

Postby Rip Lee » Wed Sep 19, 2007 1:13 pm

It surely was a PPL afternoon in Ft. Thomas - with a hometown crowd and George and John playing the entire set - some pretty good vibes on stage and off. The harmonies were right on too. I sent my pix to Tom so hopefully they can get posted and I do have to ask if anyone knows of a good sound editing program I can plug my videos into to eliminate my off-key singing? Then, I'll try to post them too. Craig now has NOTMADEINCHINA tee shirts and I'd encourage you all to request them and maybe they'll sell them on the website! The boy does have a wry sense of humor.

Rip Lee
Rip Lee
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Postby Tom » Sat Sep 22, 2007 8:48 pm

Hi Rip,

I had a feeling you would make that show, glad you had a great day.

notmadeinchina !

John Call told me at one show, a fan was staring at it a bit, then finally asked " What does a Not Mad Enchilada Mean ?" He didn't say if the fan was Cheech, Chong or wearing a tie dyed Grateful Dead shirt though. I'm not sure about the program you seek, but during the week I'll try to get hold of a guy who knows that stuff inside out. I may need him myself !

I got the pics, great stuff, thanks, I'll get them on the site.

Have a good one,
Tom Sheridan
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