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Durango Co Concert 10/26/07

PostPosted: Sun Sep 09, 2007 7:18 am
by Tom
Here's a link to the concert w/Firefall.

I've frequently used the phrase here " It's Pure Prairie League history repeating itself." Well this one really defines it !

PPL played at this same venue, The Community Concert Hall at Fort Lewis College almost 33 years to the date. On December 07, 1974 PPL took the stage there, just prior to entering the studio to record Two Lane Highway.

I'm sure it will be a great show. If any fans who attend it and were also at the 1974 show, well, hopefully you are close to graduating, hang in there.

All the best,

PostPosted: Wed Oct 03, 2007 7:56 pm
by synchronicity
The Community Concert Hall did not exist in 1974. I believe that I was at the first
concert, (The 70's are a bit foggy) and the venue was the gymnasium at Fort Lewis College.
I just picked up my tickets for this one today (4th row center), and signed up for the website
(first post)

PostPosted: Thu Oct 11, 2007 8:04 pm
by Tom
Hi synchronicity,

Welcome to the site. I thought it a real longshot someone at the show would respond, but you never know ! Yes, it was at the gym. Forgive me, I always confuse gyms with community centers. I think they both have seats, but one has hoops and painted faces.

Anyway, here's a little memorabilia for you from that night, the Press release from FLC. Love those ticket prices !

Have a good one,