I had y'all on my mind . . . .

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I had y'all on my mind . . . .

Postby Blairsboy » Thu Jul 26, 2007 10:43 pm

. . . . got a message from our friend Tom Hampton, who was kind enough to say Hi and a "Whass Up?"

So, I thought I'd share my response with all of y'all.


I feel I can speak for the other guys, and say that we have such adoration for every Prairie Dog that's ever "taken the stage". And as far as I'm concerned, "Once a Prairie Dog, always a Prairie Dog". I'd like to think that is true in my case. I know Rick Schell and Fats feel that same way. I certainly miss the guys and miss doing any and every show there is.
The unique thing about this band is, that every member is granted the opportunity to grow; and that just makes the bond we have that much stronger.
I know that Donnie Clark loves this music as much as any of us do; and that he honors all of us to the best of his ability (which I understand is considerable). In fact, I look forward to sharing the stage with him some day soon. Just as I'm sure Craig will always be welcome on the Little Feat stage, etc, etc. We share a love for this music and we share it with those we love most, the fans. I don't see that changing.
We pay tribute to Mike Connor, John David Call, the Goshorns, George Ed, Billy Hinds, and Vince everytime we plug in. We play the music. That's the best expression of love there is-to do the music!
I thank you for your support for the "Dogs" and don't forget to lift Michael up in Prayer and let's carry on. And if any of you think Mike's through, you're sadly mistaken. I don't know a stronger, more determined man. He's the "Captain of this Ship" and will remain so. And I take great comfort in that. So should you, my friends. (Besides, He's got his ol' mandolin back from the grave and bonin' up on his chops).
I have no doubt that there'll be a day when we will all be "pluggin' it in", "tunin' it up", and "lettin' 'er go".
That will be a glorious day; and it will feel just like it did yesterday-like it always has. That much, I know.

God Bless!
with Love and Respect to all,

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Postby Tom » Fri Aug 31, 2007 4:58 am

Hey Curtis,

Thanks for taking the time to share your thoughts. I knew you would be peeking in.

I know since you joined you've always said your heart was with PPL. For those who don't know, Curtis grew up on PPL, listening to them while still mastering his skills on guitar.

“I thought back in the ’70s, hell, Pure Prairie League is years ahead of me,â€
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