Craig Fuller & Eric Kaz will be released!!!

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Craig Fuller & Eric Kaz will be released!!!

Postby hiro » Wed Jul 04, 2007 3:18 pm

Good news! :P
Rare cd "Craig Fuller / Eric Kaz" album will be released from Sony Music Japan in September 19!!! Reprica jacket with remastered.

I just got PPL's "Mementos" at the Amazon marketplace. It's very amazing album. This is also going to be hard-to-find. If you don't have it, hurry and buy.
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Postby Tom » Fri Jul 13, 2007 7:23 am

Hi Hiro,

Thanks for the heads up on this.

I think the CD was available awhile back as an import, it's nice to know it's coming back. It's available on Amazon as a pre-order now, and scheduled for release 10/01/07.

I have this info from a very reliable source.

Eric Kaz contacted the record company to buy some of the old LP's. He was informed that someone else had bought up every single one, something like 10,000 copies.No, it wasn't Craig and it sure wasn't me !

The individual who purchased them claims to be "the world's biggest Fuller-Kaz fan." It was none other then Mr. Trisha Yearwood, aka Cris Gaines, aka Garth Brooks ! Apparently Eric contacted Garth , who in turn sent him some LP's. I will be very upset if 9,997 LP's suddenly appear on ebay. I have a friend who was over 300 lbs back in the 70's, and he may have a valid claim as to the worlds biggest fan if he weighs in on the matter.

I guess I have to start thinking in different terms now re: Garth. He obviously has great taste in music. On TV he stated that the "best all around talent" in country music was Vince Gill. If he keeps this up, someday he may very well pass a PPL audition and get his career on track.The potential is there. Garth did much for country music. I'm honestly not all that familiar with his music; I saw a TV special many years ago. When I tuned in, Garth was flying over the crowd, suspended by a few cables. I remember thinking " If there is one thing in this world I never want to be, it's one of those cables."

As for the CD, it's a must have.Annabella, Cry Like A Rainstorm, Fool For You, Feel That Way Again and the rest, all top flight. Excellent stuff. I still have incredibly fond memories of Craig, Eric and John Call, (who toured with them) doing these tunes in concert in '78, a truly amazing time. Feel That Way Again was always one of my favorite Craig tunes, when he sang this I thought, well Craig can't get any better. Almost thirty years later he's once again proven me wrong, as evidence by All In Good Time as we await a solo CD from him.

All the best,
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