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Welome Donnie Clark !

PostPosted: Sat May 26, 2007 5:15 am
by Tom
Hi gang,

As many of you know Curtis Wright has been performing with Reba for quite sometime in addition to PPL. Well it seems Reba has expanded her tour this year (last year it was limited to Las Vegas)and Curtis has a very demanding schedule with her, leaving it impossible to play many PPL shows. I knew there was something about her I didn't...well never mind ! Seriously, this is a tremendous opportunity for Curtis, he deserves it and I'm glad he's able to take advantage of it. I've seen Reba only once, about 20 years ago and it was because Vince Gill was there. If we can get out of the house this summer I will have to find a way to a Reba show to catch Curtis in action, he's well worth the trip ! Hopefully somewhere Curtis will pop in at PPL too ! Curtis, best of luck on the tour, see you soon and don't forget the blow dryer.

Well,us prairiedogs are a most fortunate bunch.

Last year Donnie came to our rescue while Curtis was gone. He popped in and out of the lineup many times, and fans and band members loved his work.

This year, Donnie will be on board with us for the entire tour, that's a definite, and we are quite lucky to secure his services. He's officially now part of the PPL legacy and I for one look forward to seeing him play as many of you already have. He's another major Nashville talent who's in demand, his singing/songwriting and guitar work has been receiving raves for years as a member of the Earl Thomas Connely band. I mentioned Donnie last year, but thought you guys should get to know him better. He also appeared on Rick Schell's CD, The Salt Of The Earth, which we raved about on here. In case you are fairly new, check out that CD at CD baby, it's a killer !

Here's a link to his site:

Here's a few shots of Donnie in action from last year's show at Montgomery AL. There's a recent pic from the March show in Fl in the photo section.



All the best,