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Super Grit Pic

PostPosted: Sat Apr 07, 2007 5:00 am
by Blairsboy
By the way, for all you trivia buffs:
The tshirt is from G.M. and W. coal mines in Jennerstown, PA. My 3 brothers worked there at the time.
I was probably wearing Texas brand jeans-my 1st wife (can't remember her name) got 'em in Winston-Salem, NC; Dan Post boots or $5/pr. deck shoes (K-mart). Gleem toothpaste (the kind that had the little green specs in it). Probably drinkin' Heineken-though now I prefer Stella Artois. Great beer. Can't find the Gleem anymore.
We had a Siberian Husky named Max, who ran away when we lived in a trailer in Goldsboro, NC. We drove a '72 Impala 4 dr. and I had a '67 Fairlane GT with a 428 that would pass anything but a gas station. Don't have the cars or the dog or the wife or the trailer anymore. I think I may have a pair of them shoes somewhere.
The guitar is one of the first '57 Reissue Strats. TwoTone Sunburst, Maple neck. Circa, 1982. I had 2 of them. Wish I still had the other one. It was Antique White w/maple neck. Ser.# 094. It just had a thing about it. I got it from a Fender Rep. Man, that rascal was light. Don't have either of them anymore. Besides, now, I'm an Ebony Fretboard guy.
(That's why I'm so fast)