Pat Reilly and Nashville: A man on a mission

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Pat Reilly and Nashville: A man on a mission

Postby Tom » Fri Mar 02, 2007 9:56 pm

Under his Forum name, Voiceman, Pat Reilly made a beautiful post, thanking those who helped make the Nashville Benefit Concert such an incredible success.

Now it’s time to thank the guy who spearheaded the project, the guy who turned an idea into an event that ranks among the great nights in PPL’s storied history.

His idea sounded simple: a benefit show for his brother Mike. By definition it is, except if you are Pat Reilly. In that case, a 2 hour show just doesn’t cut it. He took his heart and soul and then some and set off on a mission that would ultimately leave seasoned promoters and musicians in awe. Obviously his unending love for Mike and his family was his motivation . But that alone does not guarantee success.

It takes a bottomless pit of enthusiasm, energy, dedication and smarts. Based on what happened in Nashville on Feb. 17th, Pat not only had enough of it, he had some left over to spread around.

For a guy who is not in the concert promotion business, you have to shake your head in amazement. He left no stone unturned, nothing to the imagination. It was going to be a success, there was no other option. Down to the minutest detail, he was involved. The travel arrangements, hotel accommodations, radio commercials, sponsors, Ticketmaster, the musicians, the DSL web cast, the auction, the emcee, and much more, all had Pat’s fingerprints all over them. Countless emails, phone calls, personal appearances , even bouncing all over Nashville plastering posters in storefronts, supplying 75 Ticketmaster locations with ads, whatever it took , it was done. And I’m certain what I just mentioned doesn’t begin to scratch the surface.

Whether you were at the show or not, Pat brought to us far more than a concert, much more than an incredible evening of music. He gave us all something to think about, something we can take with us anywhere we go, anytime. It’s called hope. He gave us all hope that no matter what the circumstances or odds, we can still search, and hopefully find an answer or, at the very least, put us on a path toward one. And it’s done through love, dedication, mixed in with a strong dose of charity. His accomplishment is one we can look back at and learn from, one that can serve as a reminder that in the end, what we have in our hearts far outweighs the obstacles we face each day.

Pat, it’s time for you to take a well deserved bow. To coin what is obviously one of your favorite sayings, “Brother, you are the Sh*t , man.â€
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Postby Blairsboy » Sun Mar 04, 2007 7:30 pm

This just proves that, for enough money, you can get anyone to say anything. Thanks, Tom. The check is in the mail.
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