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Postby Voiceman » Mon Feb 19, 2007 11:43 am

There's no doubt where to start when it comes to the thank you part of Saturday night in Nashville. Curtis Wright is one of the most phenominal people I've ever had the blessing to know. This was a major undertaking and from the get go, Curtis was on this thing like his life depended on it. If the incredible event is any indication he's going to live to be a million. Thank you my brother, I've got your back from here on out. Mike's wife Jane did her her part all along by 1st of all saving Mike's life to begin with. Without her this wouldn't have been a benefit, it would have been a wake. I love you Jane. Karen, Peggy, and Rene brought more family and friends in from all over the place to be here and helped with everything that needed helping with. I love you girls and "thanks" will never be enough said to let you all know how I feel about you. Mom, Rod, and Dad, I don't even know where to start. You all are the meaning of the words "I love you ". My family and friends that traveled from New York to LA and tons of places in between, I thank you and Love you more than you'll ever know. My appreciation is endless and it goes without saying that if you if you ever need me, I'll be there like I've always been and I'm bringin heaven with me. Now down to the nut cuttin. Please forgive me for not getting into great detail on who did what, but rest assured we all know and are eternally grateful that you did what you did. To my extended brothers and sisters who did prep work on so many things to make this event what it was, our family sends their thanks and Love forever. To you musicians that came out and braved the cold, snow and freezing rain, you left an indelible mark in the hearts of those who were fortunate to hear some of your contributions to the world. We thank you and Love you. To all of those who were so gratious to give things to our auction, I sincerely thank you for your kindness and willingness to pitch in and help others. Thank You! Tom and Dania I almost had to stop writing this and wipe the tears from my eyes. I Love you both. Jamie McCavannaugh got this event out to Mike via videochat to my awaiting nephew and hero Tyler who never batted an eye to make sure this was getting to Mike as it happened and Mike was getting to us. I Love you both with all my heart. Randy with 97.1 radio in Nashville "You're the SH-T" my man. The support we got from you and Big Al and Lisa was overwhelming and I'm forever in debt to you all. John H thanks for bringing Lonnie to us and going so far out of your way to come and make sure everything was cool. It was was a pleasure to see you again and to meet your beautiful daughter. To 104.5 the Zone, WKDF (Kent Bailey), Lightning 100 our friends at The Bob & Tom Show, The Nashville Scene, Celebrity Limo's of Nashville,
Bart the sound guy, Rick Alter, Bart and all of the fine people at NSAI, Kay Waggoner, Michael Martin and if missed anyone, please forgive me, I want to say Thank you and God Bless you all! And finally to my wife, best friend and the girl of my dreams Mandy, you jumped in from the 1st thought of this concept and took care of the girls, the house and me while I spent the last 6 weeks putting this together. You are more than a man could ever ask for and I'll cherish you til the day I die and then some.

Thank you all again for stepping up organizing something or coming out and playing or giving something or buying something or calling someone to help or saying a prayer for my brother. We'll never forget this if we live to be a million. Our Love to you all and God Bless You.!

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