What an honor to see the love in Nashville....

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What an honor to see the love in Nashville....

Postby Chip's sister » Mon Feb 19, 2007 7:00 am

Saturday night Nashville turned out en force to celebrate and support a man who has, in my humble opinion, been the "kick" that was the driving force behind PPL for 35 years...Michael Patrick Reilly!

What a night! It was an honor to be present in that audience as entertainers from all over the country either with their time, their talent, their donations, their instruments-both played and gifted, celebrated and offered hope to a man that is clearly respected by his peers!

Family, friends, fellow musicians, and those lucky souls who just wandered into the Wildhorse Saloon on Saturday evening were treated to a very special evening of awesome music and an outpouring of geniune love.

There was no greater moment in the night than when the entire audience was on their feet as soulful bagpipes gently touched every heart with their wailing version of Amazing Grace.

Later in the evening Michael's Mom thanked everyone for their support as Reilly has valiantly battled to recover from his transplant surgery, and the traumas that followed. She lovingly threatened to take the stage and tell us all tall tales of life in the Reilly household, particularly the antics of 'little brother' Pat! I sensed she was so grateful for all the hard work Pat put into this tribute to his big brother that she decided to hold on to those memories....at least for now!

I would like to offer a special thank to Pat, Karen, Peggy, Renie, Michael's parents, neices, nephews, Jane, Tyler, and Casey for all you have done to love and care for the big guy, and for giving us the opportunity to express our support during his recovery. The world needs great music and great people. Reilly is one of those rare people that has made a difference in the lives of many by who he is and his love of music! Our world is a better place because PPL mattered to him!

I am grateful I had the opportunity to be in Nashville and experience the loving energy of Saturday night. The music of PPL will always be "still right here in my heart" long after the sounds and the lights of Music Row have grown dim! Peace, love, balance, and blessings to you Reilly, and to your family as this healing journey continues, Linda
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Postby LJDJShow » Mon Feb 19, 2007 3:17 pm

We really had a great time at the show Saturday night also.
It was worth the trip from North Carolina and just wanna say a job well done on all the people that had a hand in getting it set up.
It was a very good night of great music from all that was on the line up.
The only thing that would have been better is if Mike had of been on stage with PPL.Pat needs to slap his self on the back too.You done a hell of a job to pal.I think the house went wild when Wynn Varble done his Brokeback Mountain song.That Sh*t Ain't right.
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Postby Tom » Fri Mar 02, 2007 4:24 pm

Hi Linda,
Thanks for such a heartwarming, beautiful post ! I know how much this meant to you, and your words could not have been expressed any better, touching on the true essence of the evening, a night which went way beyond the music. Thank you so much for sharing your thoughts and emotions with us !

Well let's face it, you are on the money as usual. Only Mike's presence on stage could have improved the night, but he was there on video and in time, we'll get the big guy back. I forgot it was Varble who did that song about Brokeback Mountain, that must have been outrageous !! No one gets it by you when it comes to country music. I noticed on the other thread you ID'd Bonnie Bramlet as the "mystery" lady who joined Lonnie Mack and PPL. Not to mention spotting the guys in the crowd from Cimmaron , a band Curtis was in 20 years ago !! How nice that must have been for Curtis. Thanks for the posts and details, they are most appreciated.

All the best,
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