John David Call....A Date With McGuffey Lane

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John David Call....A Date With McGuffey Lane

Postby Proud1 » Wed Dec 20, 2006 11:38 am

Here's something that should be of interest to Prairiedogs in the Columbus Ohio area. John David Call guests with Hannie Hooker at McGuffey Lane's annual Zachariah's Red eye reunion on 20th of january.

Jan 20, 2007 - Columbus - Zachariah's Red Eye Reunion At The LC (formerly PromoWest)

Tickets are now on sale for reserved seating and general admission. Call 614.457.6157 to order. Appearing will be McGuffey Lane plus special guests Hannie Hooker featuring John David Caul of Pure Prairie League fame. Special appearances by Tom Ingham, Dick Smith, Dave Rangeler. Casey McKeown, Dave Robins, DeLyn Christian and more.

If there's any other Mcguffey Lane fans here they might be interested to know they now have a free download of their xmas album at their website

a merry xmas to all Prariedogs from over the pond
happy holidays, Cheers Rog.
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Postby jpmagg3 » Wed Dec 20, 2006 4:25 pm

Thanks, Proud1 - that's one I'm not going to miss if the creek don't rise!

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Fix It Zach!

Postby Vice Admiral Swiss Navy » Wed Dec 20, 2006 9:40 pm

I too get an email of all McGuffy Lane and friends shows so I emailed them and said they need to fix the spelling to "CALL" on the website and in the email and them mailed them a picture of JD Call from the Chillicother show.

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Postby Tom » Sun Dec 24, 2006 10:36 am

Thanks for the update Roger.

Anytime John Call plays , it's a great thing. It doesn't get better. He's still quite active locally ( in fact he plays on occasion with a board member from this site)and as many know filled in at several PPL shows this past tour. Hopefully we'll continue to hear more from John David next year .

All the best,
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Hannie Hooker Jan 20 Promo West

Postby studentswork » Wed Jan 17, 2007 8:59 pm

:D The line up is Deke Davisson ,Jim Davisson ,Ben Cydrus Dave Anderson and of course John Calll. Tell your friends ! This may draw over 2000 total fans. You surely don't want to miss it . Promo West 406 Neil Ave columbus Ohio.

Postby studentswork » Wed Jan 17, 2007 9:13 pm

:D The Song list is now rehersed and complete. Hannie Hooker Will open with TEARS,An old PPL favorite Followed by You,re Between Me Then C S N Y,s Teach You,re Children. Then two Hannie Hooker songs,North Carolina and Love Is The Reason ,If an Encore is requested it will be(according to John) a song once used to wake-up the astronauts.! 8)

Postby Tom » Thu Jan 18, 2007 8:08 pm

Hi deke,
Welcome to the PPL site, and thanks for the great posts and updates, most appreciated !!

The last time I saw/heard John was in '78. It seems like yesterday in so many ways. Once you listen to John, there is no turning back, it stays with , he was unique, one of a kind. He carried a tune from start to finish, the intro's , the melodies, so inventive ! And boy could he rock when it called for it.That night in '78 he was playing with the Fuller-Kaz band. I still remember so vividly the day I got the the news that Craig was coming to town and John would be with him, the excitement was amazing. Of course, the ole boys of Waverly weaved their magic, an incredible night. The two would exchange glances at each other throughout the night and their smiles could be seen in the last row (not that I was there, I made sure I was front and center). I sat with John's brother Jim at that one, and he too, was beaming. It was one of those evenings that stay with you forever. They played at a venue frequented by PPL. Bands that played there carved their names on the wall backstage. The guys carved Fuller-Kaz Band right next to where PPL had put theirs.

Opening with Tears is outstanding, talk about memories ! John must get flooded with them. A few months ago I saw PPL and Craig told the audience about the first PPL tune recorded, Tears. He looked to his left slightly,pointed outside, and held the audience captive as he described how over 30 years ago he came to NY, " a few blocks that way, turn, go a few more and that's where we were."

You're Between Me, a great one from the demo tape that caught producer Bob Ringe's attention(actually they all did but that was his favorite). I remember when the Two Lane Highway guys first came around. They pulled that one out for the encore. Larry did a different intro on it, real nice. When the sound of John's steel came in, the place exploded !

You are in for a great night, keep us posted. Someday, somehow, I will see John David play again.

All the best,
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Postby studentswork » Sun Jan 21, 2007 7:41 pm

:D :D :D It couldn't have gone off any better! Hannie Hooker took the stage at the old Promo West at 9:30 p.m. to a packed house of anxious fans, receving them with the same enthusiam as they did in the days the band first played in Athens, OH back in 1971. Beautiful Harmony encouraged a lot of sing along and hot licks from drums and picks made for the dancing in the isles for which Zachariah's Red Eye Saloon was always known. Forty minutes later while the crowd was stil singing and swaying to the song that woke up the astronauts, Early Morning Riser ,the set ended. Way too soon and far too long since the last time Hannie Hooker had played. The Hannie Hooker buz continued throughout the rest of the evening , while the band gave interviews and performances by McGuffy Lane ,Tom Ingham ,Dick Smith were given. Hannie Hooker would like to extend a very special thank you to the more than 100 Chillicothe fans making the trip north and making us feel very much at home. Also ...GREAT THANKS .... to John Schwab and McGuffy Lane . 'till next time!

Postby Doug » Mon Jan 22, 2007 11:44 pm

:D Make that over 102 Chillicothe fans, as my wife and I made the pilgrimage as well. Excellent show by all the performers. Highlights included three sets by McGuffey Lane with just about all members past and present sitting in with the band for at least a few tunes each. A special treat for me was the HH original tunes, as I was a bit too young to experience the buzz when the band first made waves back in the seventies. Always great to hear JD's pedal steel and early PPL material.
HH played an extended version of Early Morning Riser with JD and Jim Davisson trading riffs on steel and lead guitar. That was sweet. Reminiscent of JD and the Lizard on You Are So Near To Me. Good call guys. Tom Ingham put on an inspired performance doing his "one man band" thang with guitar and harmonica (simultaneously, natch) on the old Johnny Cash jewel "I Been Everywhere". Tom can rattle off a tongue twister like no other, as he continued with his auctioneer thang on "Hundred Dollar Bill". Old faves from Tom's younger days as opening act for McGuffey Lane and then later as a member of McGuffey Lane. Tom closed his set with an original tune as McGuffey Lane joined him on stage to belt that one out. The the climax of the evening of course was McGuffey Lane belting out "Green Country Mountains" with everybody joining them on stage, including Hannie Hooker and John side by side with Terry Efaw, McGuffey's accomplished steel player. At song's end, Terry reached over and initiated a big hug with JD. What can ya say? Just one of them one of a kind special occasions akin to PPL's Chillicothe reunion shows. And of course the upcoming benefit for the ol' Prairie Dog himself! Mighty fine, mighty fine, mighty fine! :D
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Postby Tom » Tue Jan 23, 2007 2:14 pm

Hi guys,

Thanks for the great updates !

Well, it sounds like an incredible evening of music and many old friends getting together. Those really are the best type of stories. It just goes to show you what we all know : great music and great musicians never really get old, and neither do the fans, only on paper. It's wonderful to know that bands like Hannie Hooker and McGuffy Lane can still find the time and place to bring it on all these years later. Obviously, based on your comments, there is still a huge audience for it , especially in an area where so many great sounds have originated. Hopefully it will continue. What's especially nice is that people (as Doug hit on ) who were not part of the original scene can now become a part of it all, they get to experience first hand what the buzz was all about, and for the really younger crowd get introduced to something new.

I love the way you casually snuck in there Deke, don't be so bashful !

Oh, and John Call was right (of course) about the PPL trivia and Early Morning Riser !

It was the wake up call for the Space Shuttle Discovery, launched on Feb. 3, 1994. I'll have to throw that little tidbit on it's own thread at some point, certainly a very important part of the legacy : PPL in Space. Then again, take another look at Vice Admiral's Avater.

Thanks again guys,
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