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DJ remembers Mike

Postby Tom » Wed Oct 18, 2006 6:07 am

This is from the " It's a small world " dept.

Recently my wife could not help but overhear two guys talking. She clearly heard one say " Mike Reilly" a few times. Of course she figured it was a different Mike. But then the words Pure Prairie League were mentioned. Naturally, being a very loyal prairiedog, she was in a state of heightened alert. Not that she's the type to eavesdrop, but let's just say she knew there was a job to do. She waited for the right moment, then politley brought up PPL to them, stating her own interest in the band.

As it turns out, the guy doing the talking , Jon Lobdell,was a former DJ at a radio station on Long Island , a station that was a huge supporter of PPL, broadcasting their shows live. He worked there in the early 80's. Well, Jon had some very vivid meories of Mike and PPl and just happened to be speaking about them when Diane heard them .

He loved PPL, their shows always a huge hit with the station and it's listeners. In particular, he mentioned how they loved it when Mike came in to meet with them. Mike did a few live spots with them, bringing in Vince Gill on one occasion. He remembered Mike as " very well spoken, a pleasure to have in the studio." He said Mike was " the college type' , a "young enthusatic guy ". He went on how when the station had guests come in you never quite knew how things might go, but with Mike they had no worries. ' He did some great spots with us, and the concerts were always great. He was a real nice guy."

Diane filled him in on all the PPL updates and I received a few emails from him shortly afterward. As it turns out, he lived in the same town I lived in, and very close to where we are now.

I guess it just another case of "that same old country song bringing you back to me."

Have a good one,
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