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Postby Tornado » Thu Sep 07, 2006 5:49 pm

I have to say as an avid musician and a log time PPL fan that All In Good Time is one of the finest examples of somewritting and musicianship. If this were on a major label you would be looking at least at 6 to 8 top ten BillBoard hits. It is truely amazing and especially for someone like me who did expect too much. I bought it because I really enjoyed Cajun Girl from the Let it Roll Cd by Little feat. I now find myself enjoying the other tunes much more. Not to be a downer, but I could tell that Cajun Girl was either recorded or mixed at a different location or time than the other tunes. The response is flat and the vocals are very low. This just happens sometimes. This cd should be picked up by a major label. There are way too many hits to be not promted big and wide. It's fine with me if remains our own little gem though. Fuller and cast, you did one hell of a superb job. Keep 'em coming!
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Postby Tom » Fri Sep 08, 2006 7:12 am

Hi Tornado,

Nice to hear from you again.

I couldn't agree more re: the major label. There is no doubt in my mind this music has mass appeal, hey even the Nashville reviewers love it. If this CD had the major marketing push and all that goes with it( ads, airplay etc) I can't help but think it would be huge.

But the guys knew what they had and didn't have going into it. There is always the very real chance that had they signed with a major label prior to the recording, we wouldn't be hearing the same music now. So they did their thing, the way they wanted to. They spent too many years having to fight for what they wanted on an LP, so for them it was refreshing to handle the entire project. But now, knowing what they can do by themselves, it certainly would be a kick to see someone approach them and still let them do it their way, which , in the end, is really the only way to go. Nashville is an odd animal, in general, the entire music industry is, and it's a very tough hurdle for a band to overcome, especially one where there are preconceived notions. And that's the problem, I think,the preconceived notions. The suits who sign acts all believe that they know what will make it and what won't and I don't think they stray far from it. Nashville didn't know what to make of PPL in the 70's and hardly embraced them yet didn't completely turn them off either. Still I'm an optimist, I always think " It only takes one." One person, willing to listen to them and realize what is there.

Perhaps a perfect example of what to me is another grave injustice is a PPL member, Curtis Wright. I've had the pleasure of hearing some of his work outside of PPL, tunes he did from years ago. Consider this: He recently was picked by Reba to play on her Las Vegas tour. We know the pull she has, we know there is no shortage of players who would give their right arms to be on that tour. And she chose Curtis ! Curtis played on her LP previously. Now, Curtis has written top hits for years for some of Nashville's biggest stars.He has an enormous rep, and has also sung on many top selling CD's. In fact last year none other than Neil Young had Curtis do the vocals with him on " No Wonder", a tune from his Pure Prairie Wind CD.

Curtis has an incredible voice, as far as I'm concerned he can outsing, outplay and write better than any of the hats running around Nashville today. So why didn't Nashville pick up on him in a full blown manner, get him in the studio years ago and make it happen ? I can only guess. My guess is he had this great rep as a songwriter, and those who make decisions pigeon holed him into that category, failing to realize that he was much ,much more than that. Not that Curtis needs our symapthy, he's had a great career filled with accomplishments most can only dream about, and is still very much in demand. But someone should have wised up years ago because this guy has immense talent.Again, it only takes one to just step outside the box for a moment.

I'm not minimizing the country talent out there today , either. I think Nashville is much more inclined today to work with solo acts as opposed to bands. But I truly believe that PPL can outdo what I hear today from some of the most successful country bands.

So for now, we the fans will continue to push PPL ourselves, just like we did over 30 years ago and let the band and the music self itself. Word of mouth. And if the Nashville cats don't pick up on it they can go pierce their belly buttons or drive their pick ups into a haystack while reading the National Enquirer.

All the best,
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Postby LJDJShow » Fri Sep 08, 2006 10:58 am

Man you really told the truth on this.Going back to the days that Curtis was with SGCB & Cimmaron man those songs back from the 80's that he had on albums of those groups are some dang good one's.
The PPL lineup today is "Mighty Fine"
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