LET'S GO NY !!! PPL 8/3 & 8/4

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LET'S GO NY !!! PPL 8/3 & 8/4

Postby Tom » Fri Jul 28, 2006 11:31 am

Alright gang, let's get out there next weekend, have some fun, wear your colors.

8/03 PPL is in Rochester NY at The Party in The Park. While it may very well be a hot day based on recent weather let's take a pointer from our prairiedogs in Alabama who braved the rain and gave the guys a real nice turn out. I figure Rick Schell's family and friends can fill that park all by themselves.

8/04 PPL heads down to BB Kings, Midtown Manhattan. No reason we can't fill that place. Besides, it's got air conditioning. Now you know why it's so easy for me to ask the people in Rochester to brave the heat.

We all know about Waverly and Chillicothe Ohio, and Fort Thomas Kentucky. But let's face it, PPL is very much about NY !

Mike Reilly, Mike Connor, Billy Hinds, Larry Goshorn all did time in NY. No, not that kind of time. They lived in Woodstock NY in the early 70's. Drummer Joel Rosenblatt who performed with PPL in the mid 80's and performed on the 1987 CD Mementos hails from NY. Although Reilly will be missed, his presence is always felt in this area, having been here dozens upon dozens of times. Heck, he took a red eye here on 5/21 surprising the band when he was supposed to be resting at home.

Rick Schell hails from NY. Granted, it's upstate NY, but for the purpose of this post, I'm counting it. Hey,only kidding , the last thing I need is for his contingent to come down on me. Hopefully some will head downstate with the band, the more the merrier.

Fats Kaplin grew up in Manhattan. Now that's truly surprising. While the other kids were sharpening their knives, Fats was sharpening his skills on pedal steel, mandolin, viloin, fiddle ,anything with stings. Mike referred to him in concert last year as " the wierdest kid on the block." Not your typical city boy maybe, but that's where we all luck out.

Craig has referred to NYC as "the mecca of country music." OK, his voice was dripping with sarcasm when he said it, his cynicism duly noted. But that's just further evidence of the New Yorker in him. He loves it. He recorded The Ultimate Prophecy with JD Blackfoot in NY. He loved the running water and electricity so much he came back to record PPL's debut LP in NY. And here's the best: in a recent interview Craig stated he wrote Amie in a park in, of all places, Syracuse NY ! Astounding, time to revise my thinking. There are now 3 things to do in Syracuse: watch college basketball, shovel snow and write hit songs. Now, I know there are guys in Ohio who say they were with Craig there when he was working out the Amie intro. I believe them. I have an interview from a band member from about 26 years ago that says Amie and Falling In and Out Of Love were inspired by the French Canadian maids on the Toronto horse ranch, derived from the french word for love, Amor, and the whole concept of love etc. I believe that , too. And I believe Craig, hey he wrote it. Very confusing, maybe it's a combo of all three. It does appear however, that it's time to take out the Pure Prairie Polygraph. At any rate, Craig's an honorary NY'er.

I'm having a real rough time with Curtis and his NY connection. I will say he thinks we all sound the same. Considering the number of people he's recorded and peformed with, I'm sure I'm missing something. I'll get back to that.

See you soon,
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