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Postby Tom » Fri Jul 28, 2006 9:36 am

Jaybuzz gets a big thanks for his efforts to help spread the word about the recent PPL show in Montgomery Al.

Concerned that the promotion of the concert was not quite what he thought it should be, he contacted me and asked about a PPL Flyer to distiribute. I had a double sided one on file that I used for the Westbury NY show. In that case, it was distributed the night of the show as an informational type thing for fans as it was Country Rock Legends night with Poco and Firfefall also on the menu. The front advertises PPL's return and the new CD with a pic of the CD cover and some quotes from reviews etc., while the back touches on PPL's legend right up to today.

I can change the venue quite easily. jaybuzz asked for an email of it and then went to work, emailing some , dropping some off at local music venues, handing some out, etc. In short, he spread the word and there is no doubt it helped make for a larger crowd despite the steady rain. Now that's true dedication ! Terrific job jaybuzz and you know the band really appreciates that type of effort.

No arm twisting, but if anyone is interested in a flyer for future shows, drop me a PM and I'll email you one. At the very least, it's simple to email it to friends in your area.
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Postby jaybuzz » Sun Jul 30, 2006 5:20 pm

Thanks Tom,
It was well promoted locally in Montgomery. If I wasn't a regular visitor to this site, I wouldn't have known about it myself, and I'm just 80 miles up the road.

Glad to help out the guys, but the way I look at it is-if I didn't know about the show, I'd want someone to tell me! I really did it for the music lovers out there.

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