All In Good Time, UK review in Maverick Magazine.

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All In Good Time, UK review in Maverick Magazine.

Postby Proud1 » Sat Jun 24, 2006 12:08 pm

There's a review of All In Good Time in the july issue of Maverick magazine. Goes something like this.

Classic american band still has what it takes...... Country-rock pioneers Pure Prairie League celebrate their 37th anniversary this year. It was way back in 1969 in Southern Ohio that the Craig Fuller-led band played a mix of covers and originals. They lifted their name from a 1939 Errol Flyn flick called Dodge City. The movie's PPL was the womans temperance union attempting to clean up Kansas most lawless town. They were signed to RCA the following year and over the next twenty years they released some ground-breaking country-rock albums and can count among their members Vince Gill (who joined in 1979 ang sung on their pop top ten hit Let Me Love You Tonight) and award winning songwriter Gary Burr. The PPL front has been ominously quiet these past few years. There have been several reunions and a long pause before the release of this excellent new album. Fuller is still there joined now by long time bassist Mike Reilly, drummer Rick Schell (most recently a member of pinmokey), guitarist Curtis Wright, and multi-instrumentalist Fats Kaplin.
The albums second track, I Sure Do Miss You Now, lulls you in, and the next track Dont Go Confessing Your Love could fit in nicely with 1970's fm radio. All this and a pedalsteel-laced, back porch version of Walkin In My Sleep a song Fuller wrote withGary Scruggs. The sturdy hooks of the albums country rock anthems- Getting Over You and Here Tomorrow, Gone Today are the most bouyant of these, express the optomistic side of a life intensely lived and expressed. As winning a combination today as it was thirty years ago. PPL have put together an album that contains a healthy dose of freshly penned songs, all uniformerly well-arranged and well produced, with enough interesting surprises to make it the well rounded effort long time fans have become used to.

Well it seems pretty much a favourable review, so i'm puzzled by the rating, shame it's only 3 and a half stars, when we all know it's a five star album.

Cheers Rog.
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Postby Tom » Wed Jun 28, 2006 5:11 am

Thanks for posting that one Roger. The CD continues to collect some terrific reviews. They had e-mailed me that they did a review of it, but not what was said, so I appreciate the post even more !

Al the best,

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Postby pool_of_tears76 » Wed Jun 28, 2006 8:43 pm

I've recently turned a close freind of mine in the UK onto Pure Prairie League and Poco. He's a big fan of The Byrds, Flying Burrito Bros, Gram Parsons, Buffalo Springfield, etc...So, he knew a little of what to expect w/Poco. he naturally liked Poco. But he was impressed w/PPL. I copied the first three albums for him. He really enjoyed those, especially Bustin' Out. I think he'll be another prairie dog :D
I'll soon have all of my vinyl transfers done of the RCA albums (all from first pressings too...thanks to Dad). I'm looking forward to getting a a complete and clean copy of Takin' The Stage for me and dad never had this one and my copy is wore out and skips all over the place. The old RCA cd was heavily edited. I just have to find a better copy of that one. My dad's copies of the old RCA albums sound warm and very clear...hardly any crackles or noise.
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