5/21 Westbury NY Concert

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5/21 Westbury NY Concert

Postby Tom » Mon May 22, 2006 7:48 am

The big surprise of the night, and what a great one it was, was the appearance of Mike Reilly !

As you know, Mike missed two shows a few weeks ago. As things deveolped, they scheduled him for surgery last week and after several days in the hospital it was postponed until tomorrow. He went home to LA. On Sat night he felt compelled to make the show, and , as he stated, " I bought some tickets on cheaptickets. com and took a red eye to NY." He surprised not only the fans but the band members themselves when he popped in just prior to the soundcheck. The only guy who was tipped off was Rick Schell, who was sworn to secrecy. Judging from the reaction of Craig, Curtis, Fats, and Rick Plant, apparently Rick Schell is someone you want you want to keep on your side ! Mike was not alone. He was accompanied by his better half, Jane, who had the "pleasure" of her first NY driving experience. You have to feel for her. Without her, there would have been no Mike last night .She deserves many thanks for making our night truly special but more importantly for taking care of Mike.Think about what a job that is ! Thank you Jane. We will continue to have you, Mike and the family in our thoughts and prayers this week.

A very huge side benefit last night was Rick Plant. I mentioned him before as he was to take Mike's spot. Rick's from Nashville, plays in the Buddy Miller band among other things and has played with PPL before.Since Mike popped in , of course Rick still took the stage playing guitars and showing why PPL sought him out in the first place. He's a terrific talent, and a really nice guy and we were grateful to have him on board last night. Thanks Rick, and by the way, love that hat.

More on the night in the Concert Review Section.

All the best,
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Postby LIDog » Mon May 22, 2006 10:28 am

It sure was a great show, and a terrific surprise to see Mike there!

When he walks on stage, the level of fun just goes through the roof!

I'll catch ya in the review section Tom, although if I know you, you'll be so thorough there won't be much to add!

But then, you can never say enough about Pure Prairie League!

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Postby schmoopy » Wed May 24, 2006 7:43 am

Best wishes to Mike and his family. His appearance, the excitement it generates, what he brings to PPL, can't be overstated.
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