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Craig Fuller Interview

Postby Tom » Sat May 13, 2006 9:46 pm

Here's an interview Craig did very recently for an online Classic Rock site. You have to love it, try as they might, there hasn't been an interviewer yet who can get Craig to come close to acknowledging the enormous rep he has or the success PPL continues to enjoy. For a guy with countless BMI awards, gold records, cited as an influence by today's country stars as well as contemporaries, he makes it sound like he and PPL merely wrote a few tunes.The guy has a sincere humbleness about him that's refreshing. I especially like the part about continuing to play as long as they can stand. There's still a good shot that Craig will also at some point get out a Craig Fuller CD.

Interview: Craig Fuller, Pure Prairie League
When Pure Prairie League formed back in 1969 (in the unlikely birthplace of Columbus, Ohio) nobody else was doing rock music quite the way they did it. If you heard them on the radio, you couldn’t say, “They sound just like so-and-soâ€
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