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Postby Tom » Mon Apr 17, 2006 9:44 am

Word is spreading about All In Good Time as another source has written a terrific review of the new CD.


Pure Prairie League - All In Good Time

By Kenny Hart

Quote: "...without a doubt, Pure Prairie League is one of the greatest country rock bands to ever hit the scene."

It's been more than 30 years since Pure Prairie League's "Amie" (Bustin' Out - 1974) rocketed up the pop charts, taking country rock into the mainstream and I couldn't be happier; I get to review one of my favorite band's newest releases. To say that I like Pure Prairie League is an understatement-- my youngest daughter shares her name with their mega-hit and to this day, "Amie" is one of her favorite songs. But a band is not necessarily defined by their hit songs; the true test of a musical icon is when a group's music crosses the generation gap. When it does, it has achieved greatness; without a doubt, Pure Prairie League is one of the greatest country rock bands to ever hit the scene.

This group is like fine wine--they get better as they age. You can hear it in the mellowing of Fuller's voice, much smoother and softer around the edges than back in the day. The playing is more expressive, a little more laid back, but still PPL at their finest. On All In Good Time... you will find 12 tracks of solid songwriting, enhanced by Mike Reilly's empathic production, and PPL's signature sound. The only disappointment is that there isn't an "Amie" on this CD, but to expect one would be to set unfair limits on a band that has already proven their worth. There isn't a track here that you wouldn't want to listen to more than once. If had to pick a hit, it would be "The Cost Of Doing Business".

But what can you say about a group that helped define a genre? The Eagles probably took some pointers from Craig and the boys. I'll bet that Poco did some imitating, too. And I'm sure there are groups out there right now who could use dose of PPL.

Not too long ago, a friend of mine called me up to tell me he had seen a PPL performance in New Braunfels, Texas. His review was a stream of superlatives that I dare not repeat here, but I'll paraphrase: "These guys are are f------ great! As good as they ever were and probably a thousand f----- times better..." I couldn't agree more.

I guess Kenny Harts's friend was a litte excited too! Can't blame him and off site I must admit I used his description to a few people also and received the same feedback from friends. Great stuff.

Here's the link to their site:
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Postby Pearl Snaps » Mon Apr 17, 2006 12:24 pm

Thanks for keeping us in the loop. It is awesome that the new CD is getting so much interest. I guess the old cliches are true......cream rises to the top, good things come to those who wait, never give up, etc. It is a great collection of songs and perfomances. I was able to get a copy of "Mementos" off of Amazon and I am really enjoying that one too. I wonder why I like "Let Me Love You Tonight" so much better with Craig singing it, it just seems, I don't know.......that he means it more. Maybe I am wrong, but that's what makes a horserace fun, different opinions. By the way, love the Nashville review, but you sure can tell when a writer is a) Younger than you
b) Knowledgable, but not an expert
c) Didn't do quite enough research
I bring this up because it is common knowledge to us Prairie Dogs and Poconuts that "Pickin Up The Pieces" was released before the first PPL album. They are both CLASSICS of the genre, easily the two best debut albums of countrified rock n' roll. That includes the Eagles debut which had so much filler, it was almost like a hot dog. It's not a slight at either band, I love them both, but I do believe Ritchie, Jimmy and the rest were the first to test the waters. Thanks for keepin' us informed, I've got a feeling this could be one the best reunion stories we will read about for a long, long, time. Wait, isn't that a song, "and I think I'm gonna miss you .........Yep sure is!

Take Care,
Pearl Snaps
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Postby Rip Lee » Mon Apr 17, 2006 12:45 pm

So right you are, Pearl and I do believe Poco was at it's best with Ritchie Furay - saw them in Oxford Ohio while PPL was playing locally.

Oh, and glad to hear the reviews tag "The Cost of Doing Business" as a "hit" - my pick too.

Let's hear it for XM radio too - I believe this album is on a roll.

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Postby LIDog » Tue Apr 18, 2006 8:52 am

You certainly hit the nail on the head with Craig. He sings EVERYTHING like he means it. He could make "Old McDonald Had a Farm" heart-rending. (And that's something I'd like to hear!)

Of course, I think it bears mentioning again that Curtis has done a really nice job singing the Vince Gill stuff on tour. Big shoes to fill. It's no easy task, winning over fans of "Firin' Up".

Also, since you opened that "Mementos" door, I'm gonna walk on through it! I agree with you that Craig did a great job on "Let Me Love You Tonight", although if I had my druthers... and here's where the know-it-all musician in me comes out... (it's ugly, I know) I think that I'd have preferred a slightly slower tempo on it... something to slow dance to... and a little more time for Craig to wrap his great voice around that melody...

Anyway, it's just a thought, and very easy for me to say. It was a different time then, and they were probably kicking it out that way on tour. I was curious though, and maybe Tom can help me out here, was the backing track for that and "I'm Almost Ready" already done before the final word came down that Vince wasn't going to be allowed to sing on the record? (a decision that still astounds 20 years later)

Mementos is a cool cd. A very ambitious project, a combination reunion/current lineup collection. But they pulled it off really well. Too bad the record people dropped the ball...

Thankfully, "All In Good Time" is kicking butt all on its own. Let's keep spreadin' the word! 2006 is the year of the prairie dog!
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Postby Tom » Tue Apr 18, 2006 3:31 pm

Hey gang,

Hopefully we'll be getting some more reviews to put on the site. It certainly has been well recieved ! What's great is it's happening without the benefit of a tour, so hopefully May through the Fall will bring about even more positive results when PPL's tour is in full swing. Right now though, we should be feeling pretty good about PPL's return ! That wonderful reception it's getting from satellite radio fans is especially great news: fans hear it, they love it. It's been consistently gaining steam/airplay for the last 2 1/2 months.

As for Kenny Hart, well let's not sell him too short. He's no kid, has been around the music scene for many years, although not on a full time basis, he doesn't write and sing for a living, he freelances. He's also from Cincy and I have to believe he's quite familar with the "turf". I think his remark was off the cuff, not meant to be an historical accounting, but more along the lines of the influence PPL had on the genre. Besides, The Byrds did Sweetheart Of The Rodeo in '68, a year after Graham Parson's International Submarine band did Safe at Home. And these have been noted as the start of country rock. Not to mention The Flying Burritos The Gilded Palace Of Sin . All of these were before both PPL and Poco. And those guys no doubt had their influences too. All of these bands made country rock a "genre", each one added and the movement grew. The start of country rock could go on forever, so I'm not heading there for sure ! That's why Hart , I'm sure , wasn't trying to document anything.I'm sure he knows his stuff. He must, look at the review he gave PPL !! The man's a genius !

More than likely he spoke in influential terms since PPL was enormous in that area, as historically it's been noted that PPL's response from fans in mid 74 while on tour, helped sales of The Eagles Desperado, which took about a year and a half to go gold as fans began thinking "cowboy" music cool. Also in '75, PPL was credited with saving and rejuvenating the whole country rock movement as they had two LP's go gold at a time when many were regrouping, or had already vanished and PPL's style, sound and sudden success became an influence on contemporaries.Enough history.

Question from Mr. Curtis Wright:" Is this the future or history ? ".
Answer: Mr. Wright, I believe it's PPL history repeating itself. I don't know, you tell me.Please send a PM with any further questions, I'll be glad to help if I can.

Dog, not certain if the backing tracks were done first, on those Mementos tunes. I don't think they were counting on Gill''s vocals though, as they had problems with RCA about the whole project, not just Gill's vocals, and even when it was done had to jump through hoops to get it released. Maybe some day they'll undertake a similar project.

Pearl , I too am hopeful we can get much more from this lineup,a few more Cd's years, etc. The music and fans are certainly there, and yes, it's a great reunion story which hopefully will continue to grow. This CD is a long lasting one, dynamite stuff, not something thrown together for a reunuion sake. And these guys have the potential to take this far given a few breaks, and even just a little cooperation from folks in the industry. In other words, radio programmers who are in it for the music, like Jessie Scott at XM. Let's hope it happens. There's way too much talent in this lineup to not have them in the national mainsteam. I'm starting to think you like that Fuller guy's singing , maybe just a little bit ? Geez, Fuller sounds the same today, if not better , it's really is remarkable.I think it's fair to say we can never get enough of it. By the way, I also love Craig's singing on those new tunes from Mementos, outstanding ! I saw him do them live, incredible, and he also had another one called It's Alright which was hot stuff too. An unending supply from him ! It's why I hope PPL does a few more with this lineup, because no matter what happens, we'll have it forever.
They put on such a terrific show and many people are getting to see Craig for the first time ! Mike still thinks he's 22, and good for him. Send me his vitamins and just an ounce of....his enthusiasm. Curtis is showing us why everybody in music wants him, another great, pure voice, immensely gifted man. Fatso will play the buttons on your shirt and make them sound good and Rick Schell is another outstanding musician on the most wanted list, his harmonies really round out the vocals, a bundle of energy.
Much to look forward to !

Take care, Tom
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