Going to the Show - Annapolis, MD

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Going to the Show - Annapolis, MD

Postby manderson » Wed Mar 29, 2006 7:11 pm

Picked up tickets for the RamsHead Tavern in Annapolis, MD on June 18th.

Can't wait! I've been listening to PPL since the first album in 1972. Somewhere along the line I picked up a second copy of the album which is still in very good shape.

I've never seen Pure Prairie League in concert. And, unfortunately, I don't recognize all of there photos. Saw Craig Fuller several times with Little Feat after Lowell George's passing.

Anyway, the original PPL members were:

Craig Fuller
George Powell
Jim Lanham
Jim "Koffe" Caughlan
John Call

Does anyone know how many of these original members are with the touring band now?
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Postby Tom » Wed Mar 29, 2006 9:59 pm

Hi manderson,

Thanks for joing the site.

Only Craig from the very first LP is with them. The lineup you listed from the debut LP, well that was the only time that lineup played together. John left, PPL did Bustin Out, their second LP. At that point, George was still there and Mike Reilly came on board. He wasn't on the Bustin' Out LP as he got to Toronto too late and another bass played was tapped. Then Craig left and John returned. There were other changes but they will be covered when the site gets revamped in a new bio which I detailed the various lineups.

Presently Mike Reilly and Craig Fuller are the main members from prior PPL lineups. Mike has logged in more hours with PPL than anyone who played in the band, and has been PPL's front man since Craig first left in Feb '73. Curtis Wright, Rick Schell and Fats Kaplin started playing with Mike and Craig around 2000. Check out the Concet Forum and look at the Synopsis thread. You'll see some great reviews from fans all over the country. They played Ram's Head last year too. Mike and Curtis also add terrific lead vocals. They are an energized band.

From the first two LP's you mentioned, you know they'll do Fallin In and Out Of Love and Amie, and I'll tell you Craig never sounded better. Other possibilities include Tears, Boulder Skies, Early Morning Riser and Jazzman. We'll see as now they have some new material to cover and I'm hoping it gets the exposure it deserves. Of course it's mandatory they play some of their most popular tunes like Two Lane Highway, Let Me Love You Tonight and several others. They put together a real nice setlist one with much versatilty in it. Like all prior PPL lineups, they are a very tight band, and they put much energy into. It's a fun time. I'm sure you'll love it and I hear that's a great venue.

Take Care,
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Postby jaybuzz » Mon May 15, 2006 8:38 pm

The Ram's Head called my house today and left a message to arrange a refund and that the show is being postponed until August.

One of the guys is having surgery?

Hope all is well
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