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Postby Tom » Mon Mar 27, 2006 9:30 am

Play it and they will come.

Well, I can't say enough how pleased and excited I am by this news!

Back on Jan 30, I posted that XM12 , the country satellite radio station with millions of listeners, had added a few tunes from the new CD, All In Good Time.

I had sent it to Ms. Jessie Scott, the program director. She listened to it, was excited and got back to me shortly with the good news she was adding on to the playlists and also had sent it to other DJ's.

I told her I would post the news. She specifically asked me NOT to ask people who visit here to send in requests for it. XM12 runs a weekly chart of their top 55 most requested CD's and Jessie, who clearly knows her business, said it's a;ways obvious when a "website has run amok.". It creates additional work for her, sorting through it, and furthermore, creates a "false" reading. In other words , some CD's hit the chart suddenly, then disappear just as quickly.

This, of course, does no one any good, not the band or the station who is trying to promote the music.

Well, after 2 weeks, PPL hit their most requested CD charts at # 40. The CD has now been on their charts for 8 consecutive weeks, each week rising up their chart. !

The latest chart shows PPL has broken into the top 15 of the 55 CD's listed, coming in at #14!!!

This demonstrates a few things First, and probably most important, is that the reading is legitimate, 8 straight weeks of upward movement obviously is indicative of a very solid fan base, one which upon hearing the music, supports it big time. There is no question that when people hear it, they respond, and do so in large numbers.

Another notion that can't be overlooked is that the music sells itself: no huge PR campaign, just the old fashioned way, the way PPL has always gone about things: they make the music, then put it in the hands of the public, the fans, to decide. And the fans again are making their statement, loud and clear.

What's really great about this is XM 12 is opening up a whole new audience to PPL. Certainly many listeners know all about PPL. Yet, undoubtedly there are many, many new fans getting into the music PPL has been bringing us since the late 60's.

What also makes this success so impressive is that it is happening without the benefit of a tour ! The CD was released after the tour was over. PPL only last weekend put on their first two shows of 2006. The CD has been gaining popularity with the fans strictly through fans spreading the word and of course, the huge support of XM 12. That , to me, is most impressive.

Congratulations to the band, the success is well deserved. The efforts you guys put in over the last year getting this thing together have been well worth it, hopefully to you, and certainly to us !!

Thanks to all the fans out there who each day make this whole thing work. 2006 looks like another banner year in the PPL legacy. Especially if PPL fans have their say. And we always do, don't we !

All the best,

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