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Postby Tom » Mon Mar 27, 2006 6:53 am

Now if I'm talking about Craig tapping into emotions , whether his own or in general, no song depicts this more than Angel #9.

This song, unfortunately, was inspired by the difficulties Craig was having with the draft board and his CO status. I'm uncomfortable speaking about it, as I view this as extremely personal, and although it's part of documented history, I prefer to leave it to others. I'll touch briefly on it only in the light of presenting how Craig can turn out a piece of work from feelings within himself.

If you listen and look at the lyrics, it's obvious Craig not only displays an incredible sence of frustration and anger, but it builds up throughout the song both vocally and musically, the guitar work matching the incredible passion of the vocals. Craig went for a CO status. He won in a lower court, thought he was done. A higher court orderd him back again and he returned to Kentucky to face the music. Enough said. Hey that was good right ? Get it ? Face the music ? Never mind.

"Turn around, looks like it's happening one more time
Something's wrong
I can't find a reason or a rhyme
But if you find out
Don't try to tell me
'Cause I can't feel anything at all

An incredible tune, packed with genuine, raw emotion, powerful stuff. It comes right at you from every angle and doesn't stop. Perhaps this tune more than any is a shining example of a Craig's ability to translate his emotions and thoughts into words, music and then lay them out for all to see and hear.

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